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How to Use Curveball in Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2 gives you a wide variety of weapons to wield, but you’ll need to master the curveball in particular if you want to succeed. By a wide margin, your most potent weapons are your curveballs. Throwing weapons, dropkicking an opponent, and good old fashioned boxing are all options, but they are hardly the most efficient methods of combat. They are a fantastic means of altering the course of battle and shifting the advantage back in your direction. Whether or not you become a zombie’s next meal depends on whether or not you decide to trash a potential brain. Curveballs are only one of several special thrown weapons available to you in Dead Island 2. If you play your cards well, you can use them to make zombies sick, make them run away from you, or do any number of other nasty things. This guide will teach you how to make effective use of the curveball in Dead Island 2. Okay, so here we go:

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How to Use Curveball in Dead Island 2

In total, Dead Island 2 contains 13 different types of curveballs. You are allowed to equip a maximum of two at once, each of which has its own unique cooldown. At Emma Jaunt’s residence in Bel-Air, Carlos will hand you your very first Curveball, Meat Bait, at no charge. You can find Carlos there. As you make your way through the game, you will eventually come across several more that appear in your line of sight on the critical path of DI2. The rest can be obtained as rewards from quests or purchased from various vendors.

When you first start playing the game, before you get access to a few key components of your zombie-slaying arsenal, your Curveballs are some of the most effective tools you have for surviving in Hell-A. There aren’t many scenarios in DI2 that you won’t be able to turn in your favor with some astute use of Curveball, and those that you can’t are gradually becoming less challenging as your arsenal improves and the zombie population of the city becomes increasingly bizarre.

How to Use Curveball in Dead Island 2

There are a number of effects that can speed up the time it takes for Curveballs to recharge, which is useful if you want to go all in on them. You might choose to equip Skill Cards such as Pain Magazine or Deadeye, or you might want to tweak your armor with weapon perks such as Primed. Although there are no trophies or accomplishments in DI2 that are particularly associated to Curveballs, they are handy when going for unlocks that are related to fighting, such as Hazardous Materials or Break a Leg.

It is possible to earn credit toward the Batter Up! Combat Challenge by killing zombies with Curveballs that provide direct damage. Even while this presents a few challenges due to the fact that the most effective curveballs are those that do not do damage to HP, it is not impossible to accomplish this goal. Just remember to use your Curveballs to eliminate any random zombies you come across while you are moving from one location in Hell-A to another.

How Curveballs Work

Curveball may be activated by pressing Q on a PC, R1 on a PS4, and RB on an Xbox One. You can equip two Curveballs at once, as we discussed previously; to switch between them, hit the T button (on the PC) or the right direction on the D-pad (on the PS4 and Xbox One).

How to Use Curveball in Dead Island 2

Each Curveball slot has its own recharging timer, so you can use as many as two at once to set up massive combo bets. Meat Bait can confuse a large group of zombies at once, positioning them where they will be hit harder by a grenade or explosion, while the Soaked status condition inflicted by the Chem Bomb makes its targets more vulnerable to electrical harm.

While many of your other weapon mods need consecutive hits to a target before inflicting a status ailment, curveballs do not have this limitation. When a zombie takes damage from a Curveball, it instantly takes on the status effects of the assault, such as Ignited, Melting, or Electrified. If you need something to be on fire, in shock, melting, or bleeding right this second, curveballs are your best bet. That’s why Curveballs shine when combined with certain Skill Cards and modifications, like No Mercy or Contagious, which provide useful bonuses whenever you hit a zombie with a debilitating state effect.


What is a Curveball item in Dead Island 2?

Curveballs are objects that may be thrown and have a variety of effects on zombies when they hit them. Although you can only equip two Curveballs at once, you can quickly swap between them by going to your inventory menu. Although there are a lot of Curveballs in the game, you can only equip two of them at once.

How do you throw a Curveball in Dead Island 2 ps4?

Simply pressing the RB button on an Xbox controller or the R1 button on a PlayStation 4 or 5 controller will cause the player to throw a curveball. Simply press the right button on the D-pad whenever you want to swap between your two available curveballs. You will only be able to equip a maximum of two curveballs at any given moment, despite the fact that there are more than two throughout the game.

Does Dead Island 2 have guns?

Dead Island 2 has firearms as part of its arsenal of weapons, but if players want to make use of them in-game, they will require a certain boost before they can be considered useful.

What is the best AXE in Dead Island 2?

Fire Axe. Between the Sledgehammer and the Metal Bat, the Fire Axe is a good choice to have in your arsenal. Our testing shows that it is somewhat quicker than the Sledgehammer and possesses a little bit more power than the Metal Bat.

Who is the best slayer in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the most effective Slayer. Not only does she have explosive Innate Skills, but her demeanor is just as volatile. Dani will undoubtedly gain your affections if you appreciate individuals who are clever and, at times, caustic. Simply said, she is a standout among the other playable characters in the game.