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How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop


On community servers, Discord is a fantastic online meeting place where people can catch up with friends and fellow fans. The users of this platform have the ability to initiate text and voice chat, send images, and share files or other important documents directly from their respective devices to the Discord server of their choosing. On the other hand, there will be situations when the message you wish to send is only meant for certain people on the server. For this reason, Discord provides a tool that allows users to black out text, which might be helpful when communicating or publishing anything that should not be made public to everyone. The instructions for hiding text on Discord are as follows:

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How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop

The procedures listed below need to be followed in order to make the text on Discord invisible by using the vertical bars (||).

Step 1: Launch Discord. Launch the Discord client application on your computer by selecting “Startup” from the menu bar:

How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop

Step 2: Pick Your Preferred Server Channel. To begin, select a server channel on which you would like to send a blackout text message. As an illustration, we have chosen the “Linuxhint” server and shifted to the “general” text channel on that server:

How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop

Step 3: Utilize the Vertical Bars as the Third Step. Next, add two vertical bars “||” in the message area, type your desired message, and again add vertical bars at the end of the text and hit “Enter”:

How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop

As you can see, the blackout text that we supplied in the conversation was received and processed successfully:

How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop

Members of the server are required to click on the following text in order to view the secret content:

How to Black out Text on Discord on Desktop


How do you censor text?

When it comes to censoring text, one of the most popular strategies I work with is to replace letters with dashes whenever it is possible to do so. The majority of people prefer to use a single dash or an em dash, which is represented by the symbol “—” and can also be used in place of several dashes. In addition, they almost always only include the initial letter of a word, or sometimes just the initial and final letters.

How do you do spoilers on Discord Android?

To utilize spoiler labels on Discord, type || on the two sides of your message. This will conceal your message from view except if somebody clicks your spoiler. To utilize picture, video, or connection spoilers on Discord, add the substance you need to spoiler.

Can you spoiler images on Discord mobile?

Press the photograph joined to your message to raise another window, which is where you’ll find the really look at box to stamp it as a spoiler. Of course, this will obscure the picture and expect others to squeeze it to see the genuine picture. You can send various pictures without a moment’s delay and imprint them independently as spoilers if necessary.

How do you spoiler a Discord image?

Transfer a picture in the message sythesis field. Prior to sending, on versatile tap the picture and empower “Imprint as Spoiler.” On work area, click the eye symbol. Enter any message you need sent with the picture, then send it.