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How to Block Artist on Your Spotify App


Spotify is well-known for the automatically made playlists that provide hours of entertainment by using the music that you have previously enjoyed, applying the algorithmic magic that they have developed, and then providing you with the results. These playlists are made by using the music that you have previously enjoyed on Spotify. If there is a certain musician whose work you have become tired of listening to on Spotify, you have the ability to eliminate that musician from any playlists, Discover Weekly lists, or Daily Mixes that you have curated on the platform. On the Spotify app for mobile devices, the following is a breakdown of the different ways to restrict access to specific artists:

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How to Block Artist on Your Spotify App

The following is the procedure that must be followed to the letter:

1. Open Spotify on your mobile device.

2. Launch the artist page for the person whose work you wish to restrict access to, and then select the “Artist” tab from the menu that appears.

3. To view additional information about the artist, select the icon that resembles three dots and is situated underneath the image of the album cover for that artist.

How to Block Artist on Your Spotify App

4. Select the alternative that will stop this from being played.

How to Block Artist on Your Spotify App

5. To achieve the outcome you want, you will need to repeat this process for each individual artist whose work you wish to make less accessible.


Why can’t I block someone on Spotify?

On Spotify, there is no option to restrict other users, but there is a workaround that can help you get a result that is functionally equivalent. The most effective option is to restrict access to your playlists and alter the privacy settings for your profile.

Does Spotify tell you if someone listens to your playlist?

Is It Possible That Someone Could Tell If You Listened To Their Playlist On Spotify? You will not be able to identify who specifically is listening to your music; however, you will be able to view the number of individuals who like your content and playlists.

Does Spotify show who liked your playlist?

The encouraging news is that you are able to view the number of likes for any public Spotify playlist, regardless of whether or not it is your own or someone else’s. You do not, however, have the option to discover which specific profiles enjoy a Spotify playlist, even if that playlist is one that you have created.

Should your Spotify name be your real name?

It is not feasible to modify your username on Spotify; nevertheless, the service does not mandate that you make your true name visible to other users. You have the option of switching your display name on Spotify to something more generic if you do not want other users to identify your account with you as a person.

Can 2 artists have the same name on Spotify?

It happens frequently that bands or musicians with the same or similar names are grouped together under the same Spotify artist profile, or that an album is misclassified and filed under the incorrect artist profile. In order to rectify this situation, we are going to have to submit a document that is known as an Artist Separation.