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How to to Increase FP in Elden Ring


If you’ve played FromSoft games for a significant amount of time, you’re probably familiar with the blue bar that sits between your health and your stamina. Although the majority of people don’t really care about this bar, in Elden Ring, it plays a far more significant role than you probably believe it does. It costs FP, and it serves as the foundation for all of your uses of magic and skills. If your FP bar is extremely low, then you won’t be able to do very much of anything at all.

There are essentially only four ways to get a permanent boost to your FP, and not all of them are permanent. You can increase the level of your Mind attribute, utilise Talismans that enhance your FP, search for certain Crystal Tears that are required for your Physick, or use things that reduce the amount of FP that you use. Every single one of these is incredibly crucial, particularly if your character is built like a mage. So let’s get started:

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How to to Increase FP in Elden Ring

How to to Increase FP in Elden Ring

As was mentioned before, the amount of FP you have is of the utmost significance in this game because you will rely on it more than in any previous FromSoft game released to this point. There are basically just four different ways to boost your FP, but some of them only persist for a short period of time. Make sure that you are using those consumables for something significant when you do utilise them; otherwise, you will be squandering those consumables.

The following is a list of the simplest ways to boost your FP:

1. Raise the level of the Mind characteristic you possess.

Mind is a characteristic that largely affects FP, which in other games is equivalent to MP or Mana. Mind also has a little influence on MP. If a character’s Mind attribute has a higher point total, then their focus pool will be larger, and they will be able to cast additional spells before needing a recharge. In addition to that, it has an effect on the Focus Body Stat, which in turn boosts a player’s resistance to the effects of Sleep and Madness.

To be able to cast certain spells, you will need to have a Mind level that is fairly high, and you will also require a particular amount of free spell points (FP) to summon creatures. Make sure that you have a healthy balance between all of your stats and that you are not upgrading one too much more than the others. Maintain a full bar at all times so that you are prepared for whatever the next encounter brings. The higher your Mind level is, the less frequently you’ll have to add items to the bar to make it full.

2. Make use of Talismans that increase your FP.

How to to Increase FP in Elden Ring

You can take use of the several FP Talismans that are available to aid you on your trip. Always keep in mind that you can only equip a maximum of four talismans at any given time. Do everything you can to figure out which Talismans are most appropriate for your build. If you take a lot of damage, it is common sense that you should avoid equipping talismans that lower your other stats in exchange for improving your mind.

If you wish to avoid receiving any negative effects, you should be sure to employ the Talismans that grant all of the perks. This will ensure that you do not have any vulnerabilities. The most effective strategy is to centre your entire construction on FP so that you can ensure that you are not losing out on anything.

The following is a list of all of the Talismans that increase FP:

  • The Cerulean Seed Talisman increases the amount of FP that can be restored from the Flask of Cerulean Tears.
  • The Cerulean Amber Medallion increases the maximum amount of FP you can have.
  • The Marika’s Scarseal not only improves a user’s mind, intelligence, faith, and arcane, but it also makes them more susceptible to damage.
  • The Preceptor’s Big Hat improves one’s mental capacity at the expense of their physical endurance.
  • The Navy Hood: It Gives You More Mind
  • Critical hits with the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger recover some of your FP.
  • Glintstone Scarab reduces the amount of FP used by sorceries, but at the expense of an increase in damage taken.

3. Locate particular Crystal Tears that correspond to your Physick.

There is a flask that goes by the name of the Flask of Wonderous Physick, which you should find if you haven’t already. It is essentially a flask that is identical to the other flasks you have, but you have the ability to personalize it by adding certain items that you find in various locations. There are a few Crystal Tears that may be used to personalize the flask, and they are highly crucial as an additional flask that you can utilize in case you find yourself in a sticky situation.

There is a crystal that either stops the loss of any FP in your bar for around 15 seconds or another crystal that fills half of your whole bar with FP. Both of these crystals can be found in the game. It is possible to locate two of them and then serve one of each drink to every customer at the bar. There is just enough time for one drink from the flask during each rest, so you will need to make the most of it. When you are personalizing your flask, be sure that you are familiar with what you are doing.

4. Make use of goods that cut down on the amount of FP used

How to to Increase FP in Elden Ring

There are a number of goods, such as Talismans, that will cut down on the frequency with which your FP flasks are consumed. One of these, namely one of the Crystal Tears for the Physick Flask, was already brought up in a previous discussion. One of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game is a Talisman that cuts the amount of FP needed to cast a spell by twenty percent. The colossus that stands in front of Caria Manor is the source of it.

After you have defeated a couple of the big bosses in the game, you will be able to really unlock it at his shop, at which point you will be able to buy it from him for 5,000 runes. Believe me when I say that purchasing it will turn a profit. If you are using too much FP at once, these are the best options available to you. There aren’t really any other goods that are effective for minimizing the amount of FP used, therefore there aren’t really any other decent options.


Why should you make an effort to improve your FP?

There are a lot of good reasons to work on improving your FP. The first reason is so that you have more opportunities to use your expertise. The game’s weapon talents are by far its most impressive expansion, and there is an overwhelming variety of them to pick from. There are literally a tonne of different options available to pick from, ranging from Ash or War to the Special weapon talents.

The second justification is so that you may make use of magic. If you have never used FP in a Mage class before, it is the method by which you battle other players and monsters. In order to do damage and cast spells, you will require a significant amount of free power. Because of the high cost of casting certain spells, the mana bar will need to be refilled after each time it is depleted.