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Anthem Guide: Earn Coins Fast in the game


Anthem offers a lot of character customization for the javelin. You can change the attires and many other things according to will. But to unlock emotes and entrance animations for your javelin, you are going to need coins and a lot of them. Custom attires and animations are purchased through coins. The game contains two types of in-game currencies and coins are one of them. Players can earn fast coins in the game using different in-game activities. Obviously, the fastest way would be to buy them with real money but that is not recommend. As spending a lot of money using micro-transactions on a game is really not a good idea. This guide will teach you, how you can earn some fast coins in the game while enjoying it.


There are a great number of activities in the game which will help you stacking up your coins. Best method is to complete the main storyline. As you will progress through, you will earn coins along the way. Completing each mission will give you a small number of coins. Still, this is a nice way to increase your collection as by this way you’ll be enjoying the game as well.


After playing the main game, challenges are the second-best thing to do. Challenges award fast coins in a short amount of time. You can look up the challenges in the game by going into Cortex. There will be detailed instructions about every challenge. Normally these challenges are very simple like using a particular weapon or killing a number of enemies with javelin. Although some of the challenges can be difficult for some players.

Another thing that you might want to take note of is that there are some challenges in the Cortex which grant you extra coins as compared to other ones. So, beware while deciding to go for a challenge. Because there are some challenges that won’t provide coins at all. For players who are just looking to increase their coins, don’t waste your time on those challenges which do not grant coins.

In the end, it is all about the fun. If you are enjoying the game while completing challenges, you must take them head on. While if you are feeling frustrated or getting bored whilst completing a challenge, we would say they are not worth it.

How many challenges have you completed so far in the game and what advice do you have for other games? Tell us in the comment section.

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