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How to Cancel Hulu on the Web


This article will take you step-by-step through the process of cancelling your Hulu subscription and show you how to do it. The procedure differs for each individual because it is dependent on the kind of device they are using as well as the way they registered for the service. The instructions cover everything that can be found on the Hulu website. So let’s get started:

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How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

The method that is both the quickest and most convenient is to cancel your Hulu subscription through the Hulu website:

1. Simply go to using any web browser, and when the menu that appears in the top-right corner of the page, select Log in from the drop-down list. Hulu will then be accessible to you.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

2. Once you have successfully logged into your account, your name will appear in a drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can choose to display either your full or a shortened version of your name.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

3. Choose the Account option located in the drop-down menu.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

4. The option to cancel will become available for selection once you scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the screen.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

5. You may proceed with the rest of the process by selecting the button labelled “Cancel.”

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

Hulu is committed to maintaining your status as an active user, and as a result, the streaming service will make a wide variety of supplemental content and features available to you. To get started with the cancellation of your Hulu membership, select “No” from the drop-down menu and then “Cancel Subscription.” This will initiate the cancellation process.


Is Hulu hard to cancel?

Should you decide that you no longer wish to use the streaming service, it is simple to terminate your Hulu account. After you cancel your Hulu subscription, your account will stay valid until the end of your current billing cycle. After that point, you will no longer have access to the service and will not be charged further.

Why does Hulu keep charging me after I cancel?

You did not terminate the account, did you?

If there is a section titled “Your Next Charge,” it means that the account is still being used. Follow the procedures for cancellation, and check your mailbox for a confirmation email from us, in order to prevent further charges from being incurred.

Why am I still getting charged for a canceled subscription?

There is a possibility that you signed up for more than one account by mistake. It’s also conceivable that you cancelled your email subscription but not your premium membership while you were trying to terminate your membership. A previous unsuccessful billing attempt owing to insufficient funds that was triggered before you discontinued the service is another possible explanation.

Does Hulu automatically charge your card?

After the launch of your campaign, the initial charge to your credit card will not occur until the subsequent billing date. The third, eleventh, nineteenth, and twenty-seventh of each month are designated by our system as billing days.