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How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart


Because there are no in-game choices that let you adjust your field of vision, the only way to get a larger field of view in Atomic Heart is to download the Flawless Widescreen mod and install it. If you want to play the game normally, you won’t be able to accomplish this. Unfortunately, players on PC are the only ones who can take use of this workaround, even though it does provide some assistance. There are currently no sliders or other settings available in the vanilla version of Atomic Heart that provide players the ability to change how much of the world P-3 is able to see at any given time. By reading this tutorial, you will get the knowledge necessary to modify your field of view (FOV) while playing Atomic Heart. So let’s get started:

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How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart

With Flawless Widescreen

You can alter the field of view (FOV) in Atomic Heart by downloading Flawless Widescreen from this page if you want to. Its primary purpose is to provide additional support for widescreen monitors and other resolutions that are not conventional, but in addition to that, it allows you to modify the field of view and supports Atomic Heart.

After you have successfully downloaded the application, launch it and navigate to the ‘Available Plugins’ section to locate the Atomic Heart plugin:

How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart

If you select it, the game will be added to the list of Plugins That Are Installed, and you will be presented with a number of other options. The ‘In-game FOV – Fine Adjustment’ setting is the most crucial of these. This will allow you to increase the field of view by up to 40%:

How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart

Hence, all you have to do is launch Flawless Widescreen, adjust the field of view slider to the setting that best suits your preferences, and then launch the game. As a point of reference, here is the field of view that is normally used:

How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart

And this is the field of view for Atomic Heart with the maximum expansion of 40% in Flawless Widescreen:

How to Change FOV in Atomic Heart

That is certainly a significant step forward, and you don’t even have to do that much to make it happen – no moving directories to files, modifying configs, or installing mods. After you have Flawless Widescreen up and running, you can begin playing the game.


What is the best FOV slider?

In the end, this choice will come down to a matter of personal preference, although the best setting for the FOV slider can be found anywhere between 100 and 110. The easiest approach to determine which field of view provides the most satisfying experience is to experiment with several settings, then get into the game and adjust the settings as necessary.

Does FOV improve aim?

In first-person shooter games, field of view absolutely has an effect on your aim. Targets will appear to be closer when you have a narrower field of view, but you will have less peripheral vision, which reduces your ability to identify threats approaching from behind or from regions where you have no line of sight.

Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart is arguably not a horror game in the traditional sense, at least according to one definition of the term. There are very few jump scares, if any at all, and the game does not make an effort to deliberately terrify you at every opportunity. The horror aspects that it possesses are considerably more focused on the psychological terror and macabre images.

How do you sprint an Atomic Heart?

In the video game Atomic Heart, you can speed up your movement and go closer to sprinting by going to a NORA upgrade station and upgrading your “Character” (aka, yourself). You should spend 80 Neuropolymer on the upgrade that is located in the centre of the top row of available upgrades and is called Morning Workout.

Is Atomic Heart a Russian game?

It has been characterized to as a Russian game on numerous occasions on Russian news sources, and investors include GEM capital, the founder of which previously worked as a division director for Gazprom. Previously, the team worked on the virtual reality game Soviet Lunapark; however, in late 2018, they decided to shift their attention to Atomic Heart and stop developing and delisting the game.

Can you run in Atomic Heart?

Even though there is no way to run in Atomic Heart, it is possible to make improvements that will boost your movement speed.