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How To Make Google Maps Default on iPhone


Apple Maps is the default mapping programme for iPhones, despite the fact that Google Maps is the most widely used mapping software in the United States. Apple Inc. is responsible for the creation of Apple Maps. If you would prefer have Google Maps serve as the default mapping tool for the whole system on your iPhone, you will need to be ready to renounce the usage of a handful of the iPhone’s built-in functionalities in order to make this change.

Change iPhone’s default map app?

Unfortunately, there is no option on the iPhone to alter the mapping programme that is launched by default when the device is used. Despite the fact that other default programmes on the iPhone, such as your preferred web browser, may be changed, Apple does not yet give this functionality for any iOS map software. This includes Google Maps. This includes applications like maps.

How can I change iOS 14 to Google Maps?

Only if you don’t already use other Google applications as your default apps can you make Google Maps your default map app on iOS 14 by using other Google apps as your default apps. Not only is it against iPhone terms of service, but it is also against Apple’s policies. On iOS 14, the only option to make Google Maps your default map app is to utilise other Google applications as your default apps.

To take full use of everything that Google has to offer, consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing their

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iPhone Google Maps Default

If you are using Chrome, you will be able to see a place on Google Maps whenever you touch on the address of a location.

  • Open Settings.
  • Chrome should be the programme that you choose when you get to the bottom of the list of applications.
  • Select the Default Browser App option.
  • Chrome it out.

How To Make Google Maps Default on iPhone

  • When you touch on an address in Chrome to check its position, you will be prompted to choose whether you wish to view it in Apple Maps or Google Maps. This change was made effective immediately.

How to use Google Maps in Gmail

If you wish to be able to access location addresses that you get by email in Google Maps, you must be using Gmail as your default email app. If you are not using Gmail as your default email app, you will not be able to do so.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap the Gmail icon when it appears at the bottom of your list of applications.
  • Click the Default Mail App button.
  • Tap Gmail.

  • Leave the Settings menu and launch Gmail.
  • To access the menu, you’ll need to tap the symbol to the left of the search bar.
  • Tap the Settings button at the very bottom of the menu after you have scrolled all the way down.
  • Tap Default applications.
  • Press the Google Maps icon located in the drop-down menu titled “Navigate from your location,” and then tap the Google Maps icon once again in the drop-down menu titled “Navigate between places.”

When you touch on an address inside a message in Gmail, you will now be prompted to choose whether you want to see it in Apple Maps or Google Maps. This change was made recently.


How can I configure my iPhone so that the Google Maps Timeline app works automatically?

The profile icon on your iPhone will allow you to pierce the settings menu, where you will find the option to enable or disable position services. Recording your position history to Google Charts Timeline will be done using this system. After that, go to your Google account‘s exertion Controls area and enable position history. Tap on your profile picture in the Google Charts app on your iPhone to bring up the” Your Timeline” menu option.

On an iPhone running iOS 10, how do I make Google Maps the default mapping application?

Unfortunately, unless you upgrade to iOS 14 or latterly, you won’t be suitable to change the dereliction correspondence and cybersurfer apps. In the Gmail settings on your iPhone, you may designate Gmail as your dereliction correspondence software or elect from a variety of other optionssimilar as Hey or Spark. DuckDuckGo, Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge are each good druthers to Safari if you are tired of it.

How do I change the default navigation app on my iPhone?

Apps that you want to use as your iPhone’s dereliction may be bought from the App Store if you do not formerly have them installedGo to Settings once you’ve completed the former way. After you’ve reached the bottom of the runner in the Settings menuchoose the programme you want to use as the system dereliction. Drop-down menus let you choose whether or not the dereliction correspondence app or dereliction cybersurfer app is used.