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How to Change Language on Facebook


This page explains how to make changes to the language that is used on Facebook, as well as how to undo any changes that have been made. Any web browser can be used to carry out the steps outlined in this guide.

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How to Change Language on Facebook

The content that is displayed on Facebook can have its language simply modified because Facebook’s user interface is quite straightforward and straightforward. Simply navigate to the settings page in order to quickly access the options for your account.

1. When you click the arrow that is situated on the right-hand side of the menu bar on Facebook, a drop-down menu will become visible. Choose Account from this drop-down option.

How to Change Language on Facebook

2. Choose the menu item that contains the words “Settings and Privacy.”

How to Change Language on Facebook

3. Choose Settings.

How to Change Language on Facebook

4. You can make your selections using the drop-down menus for Language and Region that are displayed on the left.

How to Change Language on Facebook

5. Choose the Edit option from the drop-down menu on Facebook’s menu to access the language options.

6. You have the ability to change the language that Facebook displays by selecting a new language from the drop-down menu that is located next to the option that says Show Facebook in this language.

How to Change Language on Facebook

7. When you are ready for Facebook to begin communicating in the new language, you need only select the option to Save Changes from the drop-down menu.


Why is my Facebook in another language?

Navigate to the Language Settings page on Facebook. Select Edit in the drop-down menu under Language on Facebook (it will be in the current language that you set). Choose your language from the drop-down menu that says Show Facebook in this language, then click “Show.” The modification can then be preserved by selecting the Save Changes option.

Where is the menu button on Facebook?

When you are logged into your Facebook account, clicking “Menus” will take you to the screen where you can configure your account. Simply select “View menupod” in the upper right corner to see your available options. In addition, you may reach the configuration page by clicking the “settings” link that is located at the very bottom of the menupod.

How do I remove country restrictions on Facebook?

Simply navigate to the top left of Facebook and click on the profile photo of your Page. After clicking Settings & privacy, click the Settings button. To view public posts, select Privacy from the option on the left, then click the button labelled Public Posts. Click the Edit button next to the Country Restrictions heading in the Restrictions section.

Is Facebook different in different countries?

Facebook has a significant presence in several countries. If you use it for marketing objectives but restrict your efforts to just one area or region, you may be doing your brand more harm than good.

Where do I find the menu button?

Try to locate a tiny row of three dots either tucked away in one of the screen’s corners or positioned at the very bottom of the display. If you tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, you will receive a fresh set of menu selections, exactly as you would if you had pressed the actual Menu key on an older Android phone.