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How to Change Language on Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch gaming console has quickly become one of the most in-demand consoles in the history of the industry. Nintendo, who has always been the industry pioneer when it comes to handheld gaming, has had an incredible amount of success with its handheld gaming device. You are able to change the language of your Nintendo Switch right from the settings of the console, which is useful whether you are attempting to learn a new language or if you just want to convert it back to your native language.

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How to Change Language on Nintendo Switch

Changing the language on your Switch can be an excellent way to help you study a new language while you are playing games, or it can help you feel more at home by being presented in your original language. Both of these outcomes can be achieved by changing the language. To get things rolling, you should go to the settings menu first:

1. Open System Settings from the Switch main page

How to Change Language on Nintendo Switch

2. Scroll down and pick System

How to Change Language on Nintendo Switch

3. Choose your language from the list that drops below.

How to Change Language on Nintendo Switch

4. Pick the language you want to use.

And with that, we’re done. When you have completed all of these procedures, your Switch will prompt you to restart it, and when you do so, it will load the newly selected language.

Be cautious, though, because if you choose a language that you do not comprehend by accident, it may be challenging for you to successfully complete these procedures (definitely not speaking from personal experience).


Can you change a Japanese switch to English?

The Nintendo Switch allows users to select their preferred system language from the following options: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. Choose “System Settings” from the HOME menu to adjust the settings. Select “System” from the list of available options on the left after scrolling down. Choose “Language” from the menu that appears on the right, then pick the language that you want to use.

Is there a way to reset a Nintendo Switch?

Press the power button while holding down both the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously. Keep holding the buttons down until the Maintenance Mode loading screen appears on the Nintendo Switch. Select Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data, then click the OK button after you are finished. Wait for the console to finish resetting, which will restore it to the settings it had when it was manufactured.

Is the Nintendo Switch region locked?

Are the Nintendo Switch consoles restricted to a specific region? No. Consoles are not restricted to a specific location (except for China consoles). Therefore, game consoles from any area (with the exception of China) are able to play games from any other region.

Do us Switch games work in UK?

Will a Nintendo Switch purchased in the United States be able to be used in the United Kingdom? Because the Nintendo Switch is not a console that is limited to a specific country, it may be used anywhere in the world, regardless of where the console was purchased.