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How to Turn A Video Into a Live Photo: A Step-by-Step Guide


Are you looking to take your videos to the next level? Then you should be taking advantage of Live Photos! Live Photos are a new feature that was first introduced with iOS 9. While other features like panorama and HDR have come before, this is one worth paying attention to. Here’s why:

Live Photos adds movement and sound to your images, allowing you to relive those moments in time even when it’s not on your phone. This makes them perfect for capturing all of life’s precious moments—a first step, a graduation ceremony, or even just playing together as a family. And it can also be an excellent way for aspiring photographers to practice.

But how do you actually turn that great video into a Live Photo? We’ve got everything you need right here. Check out our step-by-step guide below and get started today!

We all know the importance of capturing and preserving memories. But what if you could take it a step further? With Live Photos, your pictures come to life with movement and sound. Adding this feature to your videos is easy and can help preserve those great memories for years to come.

What Is A Live Photo?

Live Photos are photos that come to life. They’re made up of three seconds of video (including sound) and a still photo—combined, it’s like having a video clip and photo in one.

Live Photos are created by taking a 12-megapixel still image with live data from the device’s sensors, including the camera, microphone, and accelerometer. This gives the Live Photo its sense of motion. The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus all support Live Photos.

Steps On How To Make A Video A Live Photo On iPhone Using IntoLive

Here are some simple steps to make a video into a live photo on iPhone via the third-party app intoLive:

Step 1

Open the Appstore, search for intolive and download the app.

Step 2

Launch the app for your iPhone and permit it to get entry to your photos.

Step 3

Select the video which you would love to transform right into a stay photo.

Step 4

Now, edit the video with the to be had enhancing tools, like trimming, including filters, pace adjustment, rotation, etc. After enhancing, faucet Make at the pinnacle proper nook of the screen.

Step 5

You can also repeat the live photo more than once with the paid version of intoLive. Tap No Repeat if you want to enjoy the free version.

Step 6

After you’re done, faucet Save Live Photo at the lowest to keep the image to your gallery.

In 6 easy steps the use of a third-birthday birthday celebration app, you may effortlessly convert a video right into a stay photo. That’s how easy it is!

How To Turn A Video Into A Live Photo

1) Take a video on your phone

2) Tap the “Live” icon in the bottom-left corner

3) Hold it until you see a “Live” banner appear on the top of your screen

4) Slide your finger from left to right to select which part of the video you want as a Live Photo

5) Tap “Done” at the top of the screen

Video For Converting A Video In An iPhone

Video For Converting A Video In An Android



If you want to be different from the crowd, try making your own Live Photos. This article will provide you with all the information you need to be able to take your own Live Photos, whether you are using an iPhone 6s or an older model.