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How to Change Twitch Password


In view of the recent leak of user passwords, it is strongly recommended that you reset your Twitch password at this time. Check out the post that follows for a detailed walkthrough on how to change the password for your Twitch account, as well as a strategy for identifying whether or not your account was affected by the recent large hack of Twitch!

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How to Change Twitch Password

In the event that you suspect any form of attack, security breach, or major international password leak, for example, the measures that are outlined below should be your first port of contact! You may easily reset your Twitch password by following the instructions that are listed below in the correct order, and you will have your account back up and running in no time at all!

Click your profile icon

Once you have successfully logged into your Twitch account, head to the top right of the website, and then click the icon that looks like your profile image.

Click Settings

To make a modification to the configuration, choose the desired alternative from the selection that drops down (with the cog wheel icon).

Change Twitch password

You can modify your password by going to the Settings menu, clicking the Security and Privacy option, and after that clicking the Change password button that appears underneath the tab that you selected.

Enter your old Twitch password and new Twitch password

Before you can move on to the next step in the process of creating a new Twitch password, the final step will require you to provide your previous password for security purposes.

After this has been completed, all that is left to do is click the button in the bottom-right corner to confirm, and voila! Your Twitch password has been changed successfully. Please try again.



Should I change Twitch password?

It is strongly recommended that you change your password for Twitch and enable two-factor authentication, which is abbreviated as 2FA. Changing your password is a simple process that can be completed quickly. If you frequently change your password and add additional layers of security, it will be much more difficult for malevolent users to access your Twitch account and use it for their own purposes. Nevertheless, right now can be an especially good time to check that your Twitch account is protected from any potential threats.

Why is Twitch not accepting my password?

If you delete the cookies and clear the cache, it’s possible that this issue will be resolved in only a few seconds. You can also try resetting your browser to its factory defaults by selecting the “factory reset” option in your browser’s settings menu. It is recommended that you use a different web browser in the event that Twitch is unable to assist you in resetting your password.

Is Twitch still safe to use?

Shortly after the massive data breach that the firm just experienced, Twitch has taken steps to reassure its consumers that the privacy of their data will not be compromised.