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What software do VTubers Use?


What software do VTubers Use

VTubers have gained so much popularity all over the world. They have millions of subscribers and their content is appreciated by the netizens. With the rising popularity of the VTubers, no one is unaware of their online persona. However, not many people know about the effort and time they put in to create this wonderful content. In this guide, we will be telling our readers about the software that these VTubers use to create mesmerizing and appealing content.

Top Software Used By VTubers

VTubers are artificial intelligence avatars. They are called virtual YouTubers as they want to hide their identity. These talented stars connect with the audience using unique avatars.

If you want to become an online figure, and are not comfortable sharing your face and identity, then you can opt to become a Vtuber. You can choose from the list of the below-mentioned best Vtuber software that will assist you in creating your new community.


Wakaru is popular software that launched years ago. It is one of the oldest programs but works well in creating virtual videos with perfection. You can create an amazing cosplay and transform it into an avatar of your desire with the help of this software. Wakaru is the first choice of every Vtuber in Asia. It gives the users several options to create error-free and impressive virtual videos. The software is equipped with a brief video editor that makes editing your videos simple and easy. You can also use the advanced features to create a flawless virtual presentation of your character online.

While using Wakaru, you don’t have to install another kit or a VR device. It lets you share your animation software with your audience on the streaming platform easily. You can create a virtual world of your own and come up with various unique avatars. Rotating the virtual characters through streams is also easy while using this software.

The users have to create their account and once you are done you can save everything and share it with your streamers on any platform. You just have to download the Wakaru software and install this program. The users don’t have to download any additional software to create their avatars. It is cost-effective and time-saving software that will allow you to create a fascinating virtual world of your own.

The good news is that the software is free for everyone. Wakaru is a great choice for beginners and will allow you to learn about how virtual reality videos work.


Facerig comes with advanced features and lets you create an innovative avatar of your own. You can customize the avatars according to your desires as this software allows you to choose from a wide range of customization features. If you want to become a successful virtual YouTuber, then this software will help to create your desirable virtual characters. The intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to create flawless characters.

The Facerig app comes with a plethora of features. You can use the instant digital cosplay feature to change the appearance of your characters in an instant. The software has a render quality feature that allows you to create your characters in HD quality. The real-time voice processing will make your voice sound clear and attractive. The various other customizing tools will ensure that your video is created without any errors. It lets you create a virtual character that resembles you perfectly. No other software offers such amazing features as this software.

The best thing about Facerig is that is designed with the latest live stream technologies. You can connect the software with all kinds of the latest streaming programs. It also lets you share your virtual world with other software.

Your virtual avatar is easily adjusted because you can choose various options to design your avatar. It is the ideal software to stimulate interaction online. Facerig comes with plenty of facial expression choices and will help you to interact with your audience in every setting. The facial choices resemble real-life expressions and will make the interaction real. Facerig is free software and is a great tool to kickstart your journey of becoming a top-rated Vtuber.


Hyper is a great Vtuber software that is available for both Apple and Android users. The users can download it on their PC or laptop and also on their mobile phones. You don’t have to be in front of the camera to create your virtual avatar as it lets you capture the motions easily.

You can customize your virtual avatar according to your desire with the help of the unique features offered by this software. Hyper is a great tool that lets you do live video calls with a virtual face. You can live stream on your YouTube channel and can you’re your identity well. VTubers invest a lot of effort to create an ideal virtual avatar because it represents them online. They want the avatar to look similar to them and very much like a real person. Hyper lets you customize your avatar well enough and makes it look like a real person. Your avatar will become recognizable and will make you stand out among other VTubers.

The most successful VTubers use Hyper to interact with their audience online. The software will allow you to create avatars that are close to reality. It is one of the best apps that come with a high-quality tracking feature. The eye movements of your character will also look real. Your avatar will look natural when you create videos.

If you want to create realistic avatars that look like a real person then you must use this software. Hyper comes with a wide range of advanced features that you may not find in other Vtuber software online. The advanced features are not free and you will have to pay to use these special features. Hyper also comes with control boards that will allow you to control your motions during the creation of your avatar. If you want to enter the world of the VR industry, then this software is worth a try.

4. VTube Studio

VTube studio is traditional software that many VTubers are using. It is gaining a lot of attention from users all over the world. Even though it is an old one, the popularity doesn’t seem to go down anytime soon. The best part is that it is easy to use and helps you connect with OBS software without any problem.

VTube Studio has over 100 features and you can set them according to your requirement. You can control your presence on the webcam and keep your motion too. Adding new details to your avatar also becomes easy. It is a good option if you want to show your full body. Many other software options don’t allow the users to have a full-body avatar.

You need to choose reliable settings for showing a special expression like a wink or laugh. This software is not only reliable but gives good access to plenty of features and filters in one go. In case you don’t know which avatar suits you, don’t worry as this software offers the best solution.

5. VRoid Studio

VRoid is special software that is suitable for the creation of 3D anime characters. It is used by VTubers who are into anime and characters of various types. If you want to use this software and create motion avatars it will be easy to do so. It will help you resemble your favorite anime hero at the right time.

VTubers can make the most from this software as it helps them upload an example of their favorite cartoon characters. They can create an avatar that looks like it. The quality of making an avatar may not be high-end. However, it will look good when you showcase it on your webcam. Being a Vtuber it will be a good decision if you choose this software for your requirements. It is available for both Android and Apple users. Moreover, it is compatible with the most prominent streaming platforms.

6. Animaze

Animaze is created by a top company and this app seems to have a lot of options for the VTubers. It offers a guide for beginners and professionals both. When you have proper information about virtual reality it can be a convenient choice. With the help of Animaze, you can create some scenes and a new Vtuber personality all at once. It looks identical to your favorite animated characters and helps you publish them on your live stream.

VTubers can have hundreds of filters and other options in this app. It helps them create a new Vtuber avatar or make short movies and introduce new characters. Whenever they are looking to step up their game this is the first option that comes into their mind.

The streaming community can benefit a lot due to its high-end and easy-to-use features. It is recommended to use on a Windows computer and this is why VTubers like to create some original content here. However, you may have to use your money to get your hands on almost all the features. This can be a good choice for professionals.

7. VR Chat

VR Chat is old software and is popular for the best tracking and motion settings. Many prominent VTubers are using this app to use different options and various filters on their avatar. It helps them create full-body avatars and videos simultaneously. If you don’t like to turn on your camera, users have an option to do so. The algorithm will record your sound and your avatar will act accordingly. No matter how many times you need to change the look of your character, it will be easy to do that. It becomes easy for you to share everything while live streaming your favorite character. Whether you create a character on YouTube, Twitch, or Discord, it can be done conveniently.

The best thing about VR chat World is that it helps you call up your friends and you can join them too. It will be best to create a lot of original experiences with them. They can live to stream everything on your account and enjoy it to the fullest. Users can have a full range of emotions and transformations for their character. The behavior of your characters will be very much real like humans. VTubers don’t have to worry about the authenticity and effectiveness of your avatars anymore.


In this post, we have discussed the top 7 software that VTubers can use. It helps them create the best avatars that can attract millions of followers!