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The big victories of NAVI


The Dota 2 roster of NAVI is famous for its success at the very beginning of the game. The team has become the first world champion in this discipline. The team was among the best ones for a long time, holding second place at the following TIs. After The International 4, the results of the organization declined significantly. It has failed to return to the past level but it continues competing for high places. Let’s take a look at the top five victories of Natus Vincere.

The victory over EHOME at TI 2011

This is the main victory of the organization that made it famous. The big history of the team started with the first The International. NAVI made it to the final through the winner’s bracket, which provided them with a one-map handicap. However, the Chinese team managed to win back the advantage on the first map. NAVI got ahead on the next one, having prevailed in almost an hour with late-game heroes. Natus Vincere beat the opponent without problems on the fourth map and became the first champion.

The victory over LGD at TI 2012

Logically, NAVI arrived at the second tournament as one of the main title contenders. The team proved its status, having advanced to the final. The organization played a match against LGD on its way. The match was one of the most memorable victories in history. NAVI lost on the first map but managed to come back, having prevailed on the rest of the maps. The remarkable thing is that LGD refused to pick Naga Siren but Natus Vincere picked Rubick all the time.

The victory over Orange Esports at TI 2013

The prize pool was formed by the compendium sales for the third time, so it increased a bit compared to the previous two tournaments. This time, NAVI was fighting its way through the lower bracket, having defeated Orange Esports. The Malaysian team achieved victory on the first map. NAVI won back the second one quickly, having spent only 24 minutes. The Malaysians lost the third map, letting Natus Vincere make it to the final. The strategy of combining Puck and Lifestealer worked in both cases.

The victory over Alliance at SL Star Series 8 Season 

They succeeded to win a rematch for the loss at the third TI at the final of StarLadder. NAVI advanced to the final match through the lower bracket, so they were losing one map automatically. However, this did not stop them from winning all three maps, having grabbed the title.

The victory over OG at OGA Dota PIT Season 4

NAVI prevailed at the tournament for the last time in 2020 when they defeated OG in the final of this competition that was hosted for European organizations. In the winner’s final, the team lost to its opponent, having made it to the grand final through the lower bracket. They managed to avenge the previous loss, having beaten the opponent with a score of 3:0.


The Dota 2 roster of NAVI has not had much success for a long time. All key victories were achieved in the early days of the team. The organization continues working on its division in this discipline because it has lots of fans. The club might repeat its previous success in the future.