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Dave The Diver: How to Get Coral Trout


Catching specific fish for specific requests and objectives is a core part of progressing through Dave the Diver. Michael Bang has assigned you a special VIP mission to find some Coral Trout and prepare a new dish for him and his guests. Once in a while, a VIP will come to you with a request for a variety of out-of-the-ordinary dishes and activities, such as snagging the elusive Tropical Trout. How to catch a coral trout in Dave the Diver is explained here.

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Where to Find Coral Trout

In Dave the Diver, fish locations aren’t fully random, as most are restricted to specified places or depths. At depths between 50 and 130 meters, the Coral Trout typically swims in schools of three or four fish. You can always tell your depth by looking at your oxygen gauge. Finding Coral Trout may take a while as the Blue Hole is ever-changing.

I’ve spotted them at the right depth, straight underneath the boat. I’ve seen them as far to the east as you can go, too. If you’re having a bad run of luck, swim as far east as you can, between 50 and 130 meters deep. Don’t swim into walls; instead, go over or under them.

Dave The Diver: How to Get Coral Trout

If you aren’t using all your Oxygen by speed swimming, you should be able to find all the fish you need in a single dive. Dave, the Scuba Diver, will show you the blue diamonds representing the fish you need to accomplish your active goals. Until the VIP search for Michael Bang is finished, this marker will remain in place.

How To Catch Coral Trout

Coral Trout are not difficult to reel in at all. Because they are so compact, you can make do with either your harpoon or your knife. It is quite unlikely that you will require any upgrades or unique weaponry.

Dave The Diver: How to Get Coral Trout

Uses For The Coral Trout

Now we can get down to the nitty-gritty of what the Dave The Diver Coral Trout is good for. It is used in a number of different dishes. If you want to sell the fish, you can get a fair price for it. Here is a rundown of all the specific applications.

  • As a special request from Michael Bangs’ personal butler, you must reel in three Coral Trout.
  • If you own a restaurant, you can use the Coral Trout in the traditional dish, Coral Trout Sushi. As you go through the game, you’ll have access to more recipes that call for this ingredient.


How do you get tube coral in Dave the Diver?

Assuming you made it through the first tunnel from above, you should come upon a massive skeletal framework. This construction might spawn in different areas, thus you might have to trek through a few tunnels. When you get there, just check for the blue dot on top of the Tube Corals to locate them.

What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

Its range makes it effective in any part of The Blue Hole, and its damage output is the highest of any weapon in the game, even more than that of the Grenade Launcher. Of course, this doesn’t even account for its Death Sniper Rifle Tier 3 upgrade.

Is Maki worth training Dave the Diver?

Maki is the first employee you hire, and she’s the best cook you’ll have access to throughout the rest of the game. She has the highest Cooking score in the office, having sacrificed almost everything else to become an expert sushi chef.

What is gold rank in Dave the Diver?

The situation becomes more complex at the gold level. The minimum number of followers is 100, which may be attained with a few solid restaurant meal services, the number of required researched recipes is 5, and the minimum required for best flavor is 125.

What should I upgrade first Dave the Diver?

For the iDiver improvements, you should continually boost the levels of your Air Tank (to dive for longer) and the Diving Suit (to get to lesser depths). Those are crucial to the game’s progression. Upgrades to the Cargo Box can be made as necessary, although I suggest prioritizing the Harpoon Gun in the beginning.