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How to Check iPad Battery Health


IPhone customers were given the advantage of local Battery Health some time ago, however there’s no such function for iPad customers so far. Instead, in case you need to discover your iPad’s battery fitness status, you want to use workaround solutions.

You’ll want get admission to to a macOS or Windows pc and a third-birthday birthday celebration app that makes a speciality of acting specific preservation obligations for gadgets inclusive of the iPad.

Fortunately, there are numerous unfastened and green apps at the market. In this article, we’ll manual you thru the stairs of checking your iPad’s battery fitness, and we’ll solution some associated questions as well.

iPhone users got the benefit of native Battery Health a while ago, but there’s no such feature for iPad users so far. Instead, if you want to find out your iPad’s battery health status, you need to apply workaround solutions.

Your iPad battery health is an important thing to keep in mind. If you are not sure how to check the battery health, then look no further! We have created this blog with tips on how to properly care for your device

How To Check An iPad’s Battery Health?

As we mentioned, iPads don’t have a integrated Battery Health function as iPhones do. That disappointing truth doesn’t need to imply you could’t take a look at your tablet’s battery fitness status.

However, it does imply it’s going to require a bit bit extra effort. We’ll manual you thru the procedure of the usage of iMazing software, which you could deployation on each macOS and Windows computers. This application resembles iTunes due to the fact you could use it to lower back up your iPads documents and carry out comparable tasks.

Mainly, it’s supposed to offer you a prices of your iPad’s battery fitness. With the software’s paid model, you get loads extra features, however the unfastened model is extra than sufficient to test the battery, and that’s what we’re right here to do.

How to Check an iPad’s Battery Health on iOS 10?

Apple released iOS 10 back in 2016, and many users still have this version of Apple’s operating system. The good news is that regardless of the iOS version, you can check your iPad’s battery health by downloading the iMazing app on your computer. Here’s what you do:

  1. Connect your iPad with your computer via USB.

Launch iMazing app.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the window, click on the battery icon.

A pop-up window will appear with the “Battery” title on top. It will also have an image of the battery and will be showing the current charging percentage.

The pop-up window will give you a full run-down of your iPad’s battery health. You will see a green circle that will indicate the battery health of the device.

If your battery health is good, it will say so, and the circle will be green. You will also see the exact number describing the health status. For example, 95% out of 100%.

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