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How to Cheer on Twitch on Your Android or iPhone


The site known as Twitch is used for streaming video games. If you enjoy playing video games but aren’t in the mood for it at the moment, you can use Twitch to watch other people play games instead. Obviously, you may just choose to enjoy watching a game. Cheer Bits are monetary donations that a Twitch streamer receives in the form of amusing and animated emotes that are displayed in their chatroom. The designs of cheer bits and cheermotes might also differ. The first ever Cheermote gem figurine was the basic Cheermote. This post will walk you through the process of cheering on Twitch using your Android or iPhone device. So let’s get started:

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How to Cheer on Twitch on Your Android or iPhone

Here is the protocol that must be adhered to:

1. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, launch the Twitch app, input your login credentials, and then navigate to the channel you desire to cheer for. They will need to be carried out in the midst of ongoing broadcasting.

2. In the conversation box at the bottom of the screen, pick the “Bits” button, which is shaped like a diamond and has the word “Bits” written on it.

How to Cheer on Twitch on Your Android or iPhone

3. When you click the Cheer button, a screen will display that provides a list of all of the emotes that can be used to cheer on this channel. In the event that you do not already have any Bits, you will be able to obtain some by touching the “Get Bits” button that is situated at the very bottom of the screen.

How to Cheer on Twitch on Your Android or iPhone

4. When you have enough Bits, choose an emote to celebrate with, and then determine how many Bits you want to spend to do so. As you make your choice, the Cheer command that you select will be instantaneously inserted into the text box located below the game screen.

How to Cheer on Twitch on Your Android or iPhone

5. Once you have completed everything, you can then attach a message of your choosing and send it by email. Your excitement will be shared with the other players in the chat.


How much does it cost to cheer on Twitch?

As one US cent is equivalent to one Twitch cheer bit, this means that one US dollar is equivalent to one hundred Twitch cheer bits.

How much is 1000 viewers on Twitch?

The amount that streamers make is determined on a wide variety of factors; nevertheless, a streamer who receives an average of one thousand views per day might anticipate making $2,500 per month (prior to Twitch fees) if fifty percent of their followers also subscribe to their channel.

Do bits give streamers money?

The extension developer will be paid the remaining 20% of the 1 U.S. cent per Bit that is utilised within Bits-enabled Extensions on eligible Partners’ and Affiliates’ channel sites. In general, eligible Partners and Affiliates will receive 80% of the 1 U.S. cent per Bit.

Does Twitch pay more than YouTube?

Because there is a reduced barrier to entry for monetization on Twitch, the platform pays more to new content providers and provides more opportunities for monetization. But compared to YouTube, which has a larger user base, Twitch is a more challenging platform on which to build a following.

Is it easy to make money on Twitch?

Even while broadcasting video games on Twitch is not a fast way to generate money, if you put in some time and effort, you may develop your channel into something truly remarkable.