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How To Clear Recents In Snapchat


Snapchat maintains a log of every person you snap, chat with, or add to your Recents feed. However, keeping this record may at times be inconvenient, particularly if you have a large number of persons with whom you converse. Or perhaps there is a track on the album that you would prefer a significant other not to hear.

There is always a record, despite the fact that the software automatically deletes Snaps and Chats, which may provide some people with a sense of comfort. Find out how to delete your Recents from your Snapchat history so that you can start over with a blank slate.

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How to Clear Recents from Snapchat on iPhone

Clearing your history is the first step you need to take in order to delete Recents from your Snapchat account. If you do not have a “history,” you will not have any Recents to list since you will not have any Recents to list. Before we begin, I ask that you please put an end to all of your conversations:

1. Start up the Snapchat app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the cogwheel icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.

3. Once you have scrolled down far enough to reach the part that is labelled Account Actions, click the Clear Conversations button.

4. By tapping the X that is situated to the right of each communication, you will have the ability to delete individual conversations.

5. To delete all of the conversations in one fell swoop, simply tap the button labelled Clear All that is situated near the upper-right corner of the screen (optional).

How to Clear Recents from Snapchat on Android

Your Snapchat Recents is only a list of the action that has taken place within the app, ranging from conversations to snaps. You are unable to truly erase the list itself; however, you are able to delete discussions as well as search history.

To remove Conversations:

1. Open Snapchat

2. Tap the gear icon that is located on the Profile screen in order to access the Settings menu.

3. Tap the Clear Conversations button after scrolling down the page.

4. You can remove individual conversations by tapping the X icon that appears next to them, or you can utilize the Clear All option that is located near the top of the screen.

How to Clear Recents from Snapchat on Chromebook

Clearing Snapchat Recents on a Chromebook is a fairly basic process, similar to how it is on an iPhone or an Android device. In addition, the methods are identical to those for using an iPhone or an Android device.

You can delete chats by going to the Settings menu on your device and selecting the Clear Conversations option. You then have the choice of either picking particular conversations to delete or erasing all of them at once once arriving at that page. Just keep in mind that there is no way to retrieve communications that you have already deleted once you have done so.

In addition, you can perform a cleansing that is even more comprehensive by clearing up your search history. Go back to the Settings menu on your device and, this time, select the option to Clear Search History from the drop-down menu. Confirm the action, and everything will be taken care of for you!