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How to Clear Your Cache on Hulu


The video streaming service provided by Hulu operates smoothly and without errors the vast majority of the time; but, you may on occasion run into instances in which it behaves unexpectedly. Even when there are no issues with your internet connection, you may still get error warnings or have trouble watching videos without interruptions. It’s possible that clearing the temporary files cache on the device you’re using for Hulu would fix the issue. To clear your cache in a web browser, you will just need to close and reopen the browser you are using.

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How to Clear Your Cache on Hulu

Using Chrome

1. On your Chrome screen, locate the menu that looks like three dots and click on it.

2. Navigate to the “More tools” section of the menu, and then select “Clear browsing data…”

3. From the drop-down menu labelled “Time range,” pick “All time,” and then make sure the checkbox labelled “Cached pictures and files” is selected. The next step is to select “Clear data.”

How to Clear Your Cache on Hulu

Using Safari

1. In the menu that appears at the top of the screen, click the word “Safari.”

2. Select “Preferences” from the menu that appears.

3. Select “Privacy” from the tabs that run across the top of the page, and then from the menu that appears, select “Manage Website Data…”

How to Clear Your Cache on Hulu

4. Ensure that “Remove All” is chosen in the drop-down menu.


What does it mean to clear cache on Hulu app?

However, there are situations when cached data can become corrupted over time, which can result in streaming problems. Clearing the cache and data on certain devices allows you to eliminate damaged files and improves the device’s overall performance stability.

Why is my Hulu always buffering?

Check for app and system updates: If you want to check for Hulu updates, you may do so by visiting the app store for your device. Visit the settings menu on your device in order to check for available upgrades to the operating system. Delete all cached files and data: Clearing the cache and data on your smartphone is normally done through the settings menu. This process deletes temporary files, which assists in reclaiming valuable storage space.

Do you need to clear cache on Smart TV?

Did you know that clearing the cache and cookies on your Samsung Smart TV can potentially boost its performance? It is imperative that you delete your cached data on a regular basis if you want the performance of your Samsung Smart TV to remain in pristine condition. They can be deleted on a Samsung Smart TV in a manner that is almost identical to how they are deleted on smartphones or PCs.

Can you clear cache on LG TV?

To clear the app cache and save session data on your LG Smart TV, turn off the television. You just need to power off your LG Smart TV and then power it back up again. This will result in the RAM in the system being cleared. Additionally, it will end all of your recently used applications and remove the session data that they have stored.

Why is Hulu being so glitchy?

Hulu’s performance issues are almost always due to an out-of-date version of the app being installed on the affected device. On the other hand, it is also conceivable that Hulu’s servers are offline or that the programme has unexpectedly experienced some difficulties. We have compiled a list of the most effective ways to fix Hulu if it is lagging on your particular device in order to make things simpler for you.