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How to Make a Pet Playlist on Spotify


Did you know that you can construct a specialized playlist for your dog or cat on the music streaming service Spotify? Spotify revealed some fascinating information regarding the connection between music and animals in their blog post. 71% of pet owners have played music for their pet at some point, 69% of pet owners sung to their pet, and 1 in 5 pet owners have named their pet after a singer. So, it is only reasonable to provide your cherished animals with their very own individualized playlist. The Pet Playlist is consistently voted as one of the most popular of these playlists. Spotify’s “Pet Playlist” provides a list of songs that you and your pet would both love based on the results of a survey that was designed specifically for pets and musicology study that was undertaken by Spotify. The songs in the playlist are selected for you based on the breed of pet you have and the temperament of that animal. This post will walk you through the process of creating a Spotify playlist for your pet. So let’s get started:

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How to Make a Pet Playlist on Spotify

This may be done on either your computer or your phone, but it does not utilize the Spotify application itself.

1. Using an internet browser, navigate to the homepage for Pet Playlist on Spotify, and then click the Let’s Go button. You will be prompted to check in to your Spotify account if you haven’t done so already if you haven’t already.

2. After making your selection, proceed by clicking the “Next” button. You have the option of getting a canine, feline, reptilian, rodent, or avian pet.

How to Make a Pet Playlist on Spotify

3. To give a description of your pet’s personality, use the sliders. You will be required to choose whether you would prefer to be Calm or Energetic, Shy or Friendly, Apathetic or Inquisitive.

How to Make a Pet Playlist on Spotify

4. Finally, fill in your pet’s name and — if you like — upload a picture of them.

5. It will take a little bit of time for Spotify to construct your playlist. After it is finished, you may start playing it by clicking the Listen Now button. You may also share a preview of your playlist on social media by clicking the icons for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and submitting the link.

How to Make a Pet Playlist on Spotify

6. As soon as you select Listen Now, the playlist will be added to your Spotify Library, where it will remain for you to access whenever you like.


Can you make a pet playlist from the Spotify app?

The Spotify app will now include the Pet Playlist feature.

In point of fact, it was first made available in the year 2020. But, in light of today being recognized as National Pet Day in the United States, Spotify has decided to incorporate the Pet Playlist function right into its mobile app.

What do Spotify pets do?

A playlist that is algorithmically built depending on your listening habits and the characteristics of your pet, so that you and your pet may both enjoy the music.

Does Spotify pay to playlist?

Learn How to Earn Money by Curating Playlists on Spotify. If you have a popular playlist on Spotify, artists and managers will pay you money to have a look at the music that they represent and consider adding it to your playlist. The curator is compensated to listen to music and deliberate about whether or not to include it in the playlist.

Does Spotify pay for playlist streams?

Playlist curators, regardless of whether they are independent or not, do not receive payment just for the act of adding songs to playlists. They are compensated for listening to new music, writing reviews of those songs, and providing input that is both honest and professional.

Is Spotify for pets real?

It can now be said. There is now a playlist available for almost anything you can think of. A pet playlist generator was just introduced by Spotify. This generator takes into account your pet’s personality as well as your musical preferences when creating a customised playlist for your pet.

Do we earn money from Spotify?

There are two types of royalties that can be earned from music on Spotify: Recording royalties are the money that is owed to rights holders for recordings that are streamed on Spotify. This money is given to artists by the licensor that submitted the music to Spotify, which is often the artist’s record label or distributor.