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Clash of Clans

How to Copy a Base in Clash of Clans


The success of a game of Clash of Clans is mostly determined by two primary elements. skills for attacking at the highest level and the most effective foundation design. You will frequently notice that your friend has a more effective basic layout than you do. You believe that since I was able to directly duplicate his foundation layout without any effort on my part, then you should be able to accomplish the same thing by following some straightforward instructions. After you have copied a foundation plan for Clash of Clans, you have the option to make some changes to it on your own before applying it to your primary village.

You are able to create your own foundational layout. It has the potential to be more powerful and effective when used against the adversary. If you don’t want to create your own base layout, you may just visit the rest of my blogs, select a base, and copy it. If you don’t want to design your own base layout.

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How to Copy a Base in Clash of Clans

Condition for copying base layout

The one and only need is to either be a buddy of the player in question or to have been a member of the same clan for a period of at least twenty-four hours. Then you’ll have no trouble replicating his Clash of Clans base design at all.

How to Copy a Base in Clash of Clans

Steps for copying base layout

  1. Simply click on the player id of the person whose base you wish to duplicate to go to that person’s base and copy its layout.
  2. The player must be either one townhall higher or one townhall lower than you. If they are both at the same townhall level, that will work out the best.
  3. After you have explored that outpost, an option will become available in the upper right hand corner of your screen. (also known as copy base)
  4. Click it, then save the document, make any necessary changes to the base layout, and finally, to make use of it, apply the copied base layout.

How to Copy a Base in Clash of Clans


How do I find the builder base?

Once a player has reached Town Hall level 4 in their Home Village, they will be able to gain access to the Builder Base. In addition to the standard gem currency, this community also makes use of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir as other forms of monetary exchange.

What is layout of an advertising copy?

The layout of an advertisement demonstrates how well its many components, such as headlines, slogans, tests, graphics, photographs, sponsors, and logotypes, are coordinated with one another. It is a way of presenting the message through a physical arrangement. It can be thought of as a plan, design, or framework for the advertising message.

Are CoC base links Safe?

It is completely safe to use Clash BasePedia, as it makes use of the official API that is supplied by the Clash of Clans game to copy and paste the base layouts directly into the game. Simply click the “download link” button, and it will open the Clash of Clans game and copy the foundation layout DIRECTLY into the game! There is no requirement for you to construct or design the base yourself, nor to make use of any other base construction tools!

What is farming base in CoC?

The “Farming Base” determines the order of importance for the resources. You move your storages closer to the centre of your city, where they are secured by overlapping fortifications, but you keep your Town Hall outside of your walls. Buildings that serve as collectors, camps, and barracks are typically located on the outskirts of the main base. The objective of this fortification is to prevent the enemy from reaching your storage areas.

What is a hybrid base COC?

The most common kind of base is a hybrid one, which serves the purpose of guarding both the player’s trophies and the player’s resources simultaneously. As a result, it takes inspiration from farming bases as well as trophy bases. In most cases, you will want to station your strongest defenders at the Town Hall to ensure its safety.