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How to Counter-strafe in Valorant


Shooting video games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) are very plenty alike with regards to mechanics like counter-strafing, which will increase a game’s universal talent roof. Counter-strafing is one of the vital abilities to grasp in a taking pictures game. If a participant desires to get greater kills and universal get higher at Valorant, it’s miles critical to discover ways to counter-strafe. This is the satisfactory manner to get properly first-shot accuracy at some stage in face-offs.

Hence, counter-strafing is hired to continue to exist in aggressive shooter video games. This superior approach existed in CS: GO after which got here to Valorant, as each the taking pictures video games have positive similarities.

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How to Counter-strafe in Valorant?

If the participant presses the ‘D’ key (Right), the individual strafes proper, and if the participant presses the ‘A’ key (Left), the individual strafes left. The word “strafing” in gaming phrases approach transferring sideways, and counter-strafing refers to transferring withinside the contrary path to the enemy.

When the participant strafes from proper to left, it stops briefly for a second and actions aside. The shot made throughout that motion turns into lethal accurate.

A Reddit consumer, u/johnzrxx, uploaded a put up on r/Valorant, explaining the counter-strafe mechanism with the aid of using transferring forward. He stated that it’s miles feasible to counter-strafe whilst transferring forward-proper. The consumer advised urgent the ‘D’ key, then launch it and faucet the ‘A’ key. Then the participant can shoot the goal comfortably in Valorant.

In fact, the professional Valorant player, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, explained the mechanism of counter-strafing in the game. During one of his streams, he showed how to counter strafe in Valorant. Players can try out counter-strafe in different motions, but it needs a lot of practice to master the skill.

Importance of counter-strafing in Valorant

Valorant gamers have additionally tailored a comparable mechanism to get an correct shot whilst moving. There is lots of scope to exercise counter-strafing, particularly withinside the peeking angles.

Counter-strafing also increases the overall win and kill rate, along with shot accuracy. This will help the player get an easy headshot. Although it is not essential to have the skill, it definitely helps at a competitive level in Valorant.



How do you practice counter strafe?

To hold close the basics, do a drill via way of means of transferring left and proper however forestall via way of means of now no longer urgent any motion keys earlier than making your manner to the alternative direction. Don’t take too lengthy to shoot and attempt to try this as fast as you can. You can attempt to purpose for the equal spot for the duration of this exercise to educate your purpose for counter strafing.

What is tap strafing?

Tap strafing is an Apex Legends superior motion approach performable in Apex Legends which lets in you to make a 180-diploma switch on a dime and absolutely alternate course mid-air. This is a made from the Source Engine, which means this motion mechanic works in video games that use the identical engine — like Titanfall.