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How To Craft Guns In Atlas


In the massive game Atlas, you’re free to do anything, anywhere! Yes, you can sail, you can drink, you can eat, you can fish, tame some beastly animals, build your own ship, destroy ships, recraft ships, and, obviously you can fight against other pirates or even an innocent man.

Now to fight, you obviously need the weapons. There are plenty of weapons available in the game, but if you’re going to sail the high seas as a pirate, then you might consider using guns as the best weapon to protect yourself, not just from other enemy pirates, but also to protect you from wolves, lions, and some unfriendly animals in the wild.

In this guide, I will detail you on how to craft guns in Atlas. Let’s start!

How To Craft Guns?

To craft the different types of guns in Atlas, you will need to unlock a few skills. So make sure you read and follow the steps carefully.

  • Head to the Survival tab, this is the very first tab that you unlock in the skill tree, and it contains a multiple of great skills you can pick up to unlock other trees and increase your own personal stats.

  • From here, you have to unlock Advanced Tools, same as when you craft the Grappling Hook, you would have to focus a few key skills to craft guns.
  • Once you have unlocked Advanced Tools, go ahead and craft yourself the gun you want at Smithy.
  • After you have crafted a gun, place it down on a foundation and then unlock your next skill, Archery.
  • From Archery skill, now you have access to a brand-new tab in your Skills window. Select the bow icon along the top to see the various skills available here, then unlock the Firearms.
  • Firearms will unlock a new discipline for you, which giving you access to another skill tree.
  • Select the icon of the flintlock pistol at the top of the Skills window and you should be greeted with several new skills to choose, then unlock the Pistol Basics skill at the very top.

  • The Pistol Basics Skill will allow you to start placing more skill points into this tree, which will unlock access to better weapons.
  • In case if you want to craft some different guns for you and your crew, just scroll down the window, and you will see a variety of skills to unlock related to firearms include Pistol Steady Aim, Firearm Studies and also Basics of the Blunderbuss and Secrets of the Rifle.

There are a lot of guns in Atlas with different playstyle, which you can choose to decide what kind of pirate are you. On the other hands, of course, there are other weapons in Atlas as well, including melee weapons and even cannons for your ship. So, have fun in crafting your weapons!

Atlas is currently available exclusively on PC.

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