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Street Fighter 6: How to Play Manon


Now that eager gamers everywhere have Street Fighter 6 in their hands, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your playable characters and the opponents you’ll face. Since Manon is a new addition to the series, players will have to learn an entirely new set of combinations and tactics. Learn the ins and outs of playing Manon in Street Fighter 6 with the help of this guide!

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Who is Manon in Street Fighter 6?

Manon, a new playable character in Street Fighter 6, is driven by her desire to look beautiful. She’s not only beautiful and graceful, but she’s also a skilled judoka fighter, model, and ballet dancer. Manon may seem arrogant and distant at first, but she actually hates people who hide bad intentions and this would put her at odds with another newcomer, JP. She’ll put on a show for her foes as she dances around them and puts them in their place.

Raise Manon’s Medal Levels

There is a little icon next to Manon’s Drive Meter that shows how many Medals she has as the match begins. With the help of command grabs and advanced techniques like Manège Doré and Renversé, Manon obtains an extra Medal to dramatically boost the damage of her next grab with a stronger animation. The Medal Level of Manon carries over between rounds in Street Fighter 6 and is the fundamental game strategy of the character.

Throwing an opponent to the ground with Manège Doré earns Manon an extra Medal, but it misses unless the player is quite close to the opponent. Players utilizing Manon need to be careful about when and where they throw because missing too many grabs is a major risk in the Grappler archetype in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Manon

Renversé, Manon’s other command grab, spins the player forward toward the opponent for a novel throw, adding a dimension of intricacy. This spin can deflect even the most powerful attacks, such as Hadouken or JP’s shadow minions in Street Fighter 6. A basic toss that increases Manon’s Medal level and becomes progressively more powerful as the Medal count rises is a terrific strategy for players to approach their opponent.

There’s a risk that after a while, opponents will catch on to Renversé’s pattern of frequent throws and react by trying to escape by running backward. In such a situation, players may wish to go for the special move’s unique follow-up assault, Grand Fouetté, which requires a Kick input. In Street Fighter 6, this forces Manon to leap toward the target character with a far-reaching lunge kick, making the throw safer in exchange for a more methodical approach to dealing with the opponent’s resistance.

Manon’s Move List

Manon’s moveset is one of the smallest in Street Fighter 6 with only 16 Rare Attacks at her disposal. She can perform two Throws in addition to her five Special Moves, three Special Arts, and six Unique Attacks. Her limited moveset is made up for by a permanent increase in her Medal Level.

Move Description Type
Révérence Palm heel Unique Attack
Tomoe Derrière Reverse sweep Unique Attack
À Terre Punch-kick combo Unique Attack
En Haut Two-hitter high-kick Unique Attack
Temps Lié Two-hitter body jab Unique Attack
Allongé Uppercut-overhand Unique Attack
Manège Doré Deashibarai Special Move
Rond-point Spinning wheel kick Special Move
Dégagé Thrusting kick Special Move
Renversé Spinning Deashibarai Special Move
Grand Fouetté Spinning back-kick Special Move
Arabesque Sliding kick Special Art 1
Étoile Spinning kick combo Special Art 2
Pas de Deux Ballet dance combo Special Art 3
Ouchi Gari Leg trip Throw
Uchi Mata Outside leg trip Throw

How to Play Manon in Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, Manon puts her years of experience as a model to good use by knocking out her foes with a flurry of kicks by letting her modeling do the talking and walking for her. After she has kicked them into submission, she then has the ability to kill them with her throws.

Her kicks, much like Cammy’s, have a variable range that enables her to get closer to the person she’s fighting. She is also able to limit their mobility by launching a series of anti-air strikes at them.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Manon

Manon has the ability to level up her medals as she progresses, which increases the amount of damage that can be delivered by her counters, combos, and throws. The Renversé counter is highly adaptable because it may be used either as a regular poke to lower an opponent’s guard or as a devastating follow-up attack. Either way, it is an extremely effective technique.

Tips for Winning with Manon

Since Judo served as inspiration for Manon’s move set, she must employ the Seiryoku Zenyo concept during battle. The goal of this approach is to achieve optimal efficiency through the regulation of energy use. This is equivalent to Manon keeping an eye on her Drive Gauge and Medal Level throughout battle.

Additional advanced suggestions are as follows:

  • Use countermeasures against air attacks. For instance, Manon’s crouching punches can counter the foe’s aerial assaults and bring them crashing down to the ground, setting them up for a follow-up combo.
  • Boost power for increased range. When taking hold for a throw, click the Drive Gauge button to cover a greater distance and execute a stronger grapple.
  • Dodge incoming fire by spinning. The Down Special that Manon performs is a whirling one. You can use this maneuver to both hide from enemy fire and advance in a straight line.
  • Arabesque to get around tight spots. Manon has a Level 1 Special Art called Arabesque that can be used to gain the upper hand in a sticky situation. Manon is able to get out of a tight spot, and her opponent is put in a similarly precarious one, thanks to this approach.


How does Manon work sf6?

One of the new characters in Street Fighter 6 is the French judoka and model Manon. She fights in a distinctive way, combining powerful throws with attacks that can be either close in or far out from the action. Manon’s medal system gives her increasingly powerful command grabs over time.

How do you play against Manon in Street Fighter 6?

By playing aggressively and keeping the pressure on Manon, we can neutralize her advantages. Close the distance between you and her and look for ways to make advances at all times.

Why is Manon important?

One of the series’ key characters, Manon Crochan-Blackbeak, is a witch who is half Ironteeth and half Crochan. As the last surviving Crochan Queen and erstwhile heir to the Blackbeak Witch-Clan, she is considered the most powerful witch in the world.

What is Manon’s full name in Street Fighter 6?

Manon Legrand, better known as the Judoka Ballet Dancer, is the supporting character of the Street Fighter series. In Street Fighter 6, she appears for the first time. She’s a ballerina and a model in addition to being a French judoka combatant.