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How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus


If you have not already created a profile for your child, you have the option of beginning the process of creating a profile for them from the very beginning if you have not already done so. You have the choice of making individual accounts for each of your children who will use your Disney Plus subscription, or you have the option of creating a joint account that all of your children can use. Either way, your Disney Plus subscription will be shared among all of your children. Following are the actions that need to be taken in order to build a profile for a child: Available to stream on Disney Plus.

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How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

The following is the step-by-step technique that must be carried out in a meticulous manner:

1. Launch the Disney Plus app, and when prompted, enter your login information into the service so that you may begin using it. Once this is done, you can begin using Disney Plus.

2. Tap the tiny symbol in the lower right corner of the screen that looks like a profile photo. This icon is positioned in the corner of the screen that is furthest to the right. You may find this icon in the upper-right hand corner of the  screen.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

3. Before moving on, make sure that the Edit Profiles option is selected in the menu.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

4. Tap the icon that reads “Add Profile” to add a new profile to your account.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

5. Choose an image that you feel best represents who you are as a person and use that one for your new profile.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

6. In order for us to continue building your profile, we want a name from you, so if you could please enter that.

7. In order for you to gain access to the Kids Profile, you will first need to activate the switch that is responsible for its functionality.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

8. Tap Save.

How to Create a Child Profile On Disney Plus

9. Your children will be able to use this profile going forward in order to have access to content that is appropriate for their age range and is tailored specifically to their needs.

Concerns Regarding the Parental Controls on Disney Plus

There are two potential problems with the parental controls that are provided by Disney Plus. The first problem is that you do not have granular control over the content that your children have access to. The second problem is that there is no system in place to prevent your children from switching over to an adult profile.

You are able to establish particular limitations on certain streaming services, and others offer a choice of alternatives appropriate for users of varying ages. For instance, YouTube Kids offers content that is appropriate for children of preschool age, children of early grade school age, and children of middle school age. The only option available for switching between a standard profile and a child profile on Disney Plus is a simple toggle. Child ratings are only available for movies with a G rating and television programmes with a TV-Y, TV-Y7/Y7-FV, or TV-G rating.

In addition, certain streaming services give users the option to select their own unique identification number (PIN). If your child uses one of these services and tries to switch to an adult profile, they will find that they are unable to do so unless they have the personal identification number (PIN). There is no such structure in place for the Disney Plus streaming service. You are instead required to rely on an honour system and have faith that your children will not switch to an adult profile.


Is Disney Plus Safe for Kids?

The majority of the content that is available through the streaming service Disney Plus was developed with families in mind. Despite the fact that the parental controls for the service aren’t overly complicated, this makes Disney Plus a one-of-a-kind streaming service. You won’t discover any content rated R on this service; the most extreme ratings you’ll find are PG-13 and TV14. You won’t find any stuff rated R on this service. Because of this, the website poses a low level of risk to teens; nevertheless, a younger child who manually changes profiles when their parents aren’t watching stands a greater chance of coming across something that is inappropriate for them to view or that you may consider inappropriate.

How exactly do the Parental Controls for Disney Plus work?

Although the parental controls on Disney Plus are not as extensive as the limits supplied by competing streaming services, they are not particularly difficult to obtain and do not present much of a barrier to entry. You have the flexibility to restrict any profile so that it can only view content that is appropriate for children, and everyone who uses the app has the ability to establish their own unique profile for themselves.