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How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word


You can immediately erase pixels from a photo that are not necessary by using the in-built cropping tool in Microsoft Word. This tool allows you to crop out unwanted parts of an image. In the event that you so desire, a photo can also be cropped to conform to a specific shape. The steps necessary to crop an image using Microsoft Word are outlined in the following paragraphs.

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How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, you may crop an image by first opening the document that will include the image, then going to the Insert menu and selecting the Pictures option, and then clicking the image to choose it as the one you want to crop.

How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word

After that, choose the picture that you wish to change, and then choose the tab labelled “Picture Format” on the menu that appears. After that, select “Size” from the drop-down menu, and then click the “Crop” option.

How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word

When the drop-down arrow is clicked, a menu will appear before you. From that menu, select “Crop.”

How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word

Cropping handles will now be displayed all the way around the edge of the image frame. You can crop the image by clicking and dragging the handles to make it smaller so that it only contains the content that you want to maintain. This will allow you to delete various areas of the image.

After you have set the cropping frame, select the “Crop” option from the “Size” group of the “Picture Format” tab by clicking the icon located in the upper portion of the “Crop” option. By doing so, the cropping options will become available.

How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word

Your photo has been modified such that the unwanted aspects of the original have been removed at this time.

How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft Word


Where is the crop tool in Word?

To add the picture to an Office document, go to the Insert menu and select Pictures (such as a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel workbook). After clicking the picture, navigate to the toolbar’s ribbon and select the Picture Format tab. Choose Crop from the available options on the Picture Format tab. The picture’s edges and corners have what look like crop handles written in black across them.

Which key combination is used to crop the selected area?

To pick the Crop Tool, press the “C” key on your keyboard.

What is the Ctrl D?

Excel – You can replicate the data from the cell above you have selected by using the CTRL-D keyboard shortcut. You can select a number of cells at once and fill them all in at once! Video Player

What is Ctrl Shift E?

Ctrl + Shift + e is the combination of shortcut keys that you need to press in order to type an emoji. It will result in the letter “e” being highlighted, and if you place the word “joy” after it (so that it appears as “ejoy”), the full word will be underlined as well.

Which tool is used to select a picture?

In Microsoft Excel, the Rectangular Tool is what is utilised to make a selection of the portion of the picture that needs to be modified.