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How to Curve Rails in Minecraft


Finding their way out of Minecraft’s dangerous world might be a difficult task for players who are just getting started with the game because of the hostile atmosphere. You will frequently find yourself wishing that you had learnt some strategies earlier in the game when it comes to effectively doing difficult tasks such as bending the rails. This is because these kinds of challenges require a high level of skill. This article is going to discuss the Minecraft feature that gives players the power to bend rails. So let’s get started:

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How to Curve Rails in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you must arrange your tracks so that they are parallel to one another in order to create curved rails. When you get to the point where the track curves, all you have to do is aim between the two lanes and click on them to install the rail block in between them. Because of this, the rails will automatically bend in any direction, independent of the terrain.

It should come as no surprise that certain Minecraft blocks have the potential to impede the placement of rails. As a consequence of this, getting your hands on the appropriate gear might be a real nuisance, especially when you’re just starting out.

1. Mining And Positioning

Constructing rails for mining carts requires first mining and then smelting six blocks of iron ore in an oven. You need to add the iron billings that you have gathered to your inventory. Cut down a tree with an axe and then make sticks out of the lumber.

How to Curve Rails in Minecraft

Clicking on a crafting bench will bring up a menu that allows you to create various items. One stick should be placed in the middle box, and three iron bills should be arranged vertically on either side. As a consequence of this, we shall create six individual sections of mine cart track.

Simply clicking on the mining cart tracks will put them in your inventory ready for use. Join the two separate rails for the mining carts in a straight line. When two parallel tracks are positioned next to one another, the tracks will automatically adjust themselves such that the ends of the tracks are in alignment with one another.

2. Creating The Path

Put another piece of track down such that it is directly adjacent to one of the two pieces of track that you have already laid out. As a consequence of this, a curve in the shape of a “L” will be generated.

How to Curve Rails in Minecraft

It does not matter how the track is built out; the curve will always be in this “L” shape. This is true regardless of whether the track section is parallel or perpendicular to it. Place another segment of the track down next to the one that you just finished installing earlier. It will lead to the development of a complete circle as a consequence. To avoid the formation of a circle, the first line of track should be extended. If you do not continue the first line of the path, the game will presume that you want it to form a ring for you automatically if you do not extend the line.

3. Rail Detector

If an attempt is made to attach the detector rail to either the side or the bottom of a block, then the top of a building that is underneath the target area can be used as an attachment point for the rail.

How to Curve Rails in Minecraft

It is recommended that a detector rail be fastened to the exterior of a fence that is located on the ground. In most cases, it is connected to the higher portion of the land that is near to the wall.


Now is the time to put the course through its paces. On a crafting bench, arrange iron billings in a “U” formation. This will let you to create a mining cart. It is recommended that you add the mine cart to your inventory. After approaching it on foot, place the mining cart on the track where it belongs. Get into the mining cart if you want to increase how rapidly it moves along the path. The mine cart will come to a halt as soon as the evaluation is complete.


How do you curve a railroad track?

It is possible to bend rails with weights of up to 90 pounds per yard and normal old lengths of 33-39 feet by merely spiking one end and carefully working in the other end to gauge. This process is called simple bending. With this weight rail, you can use it on curves with a sharpness of up to 16-18 degrees.

Why do rail tracks become curved?

Because we already know that heating any metal causes it to expand, the curvature of the rail rails is caused by these two factors: In the same manner, the heat of the sun induces the expansion of the metal rails. Sometimes there is very little space between the tracks, and as a result, the railroad lines don’t have room to expand, so they wind around in a curved pattern.

How do you rotate in Minecraft PC?

Launch the Minecraft game on your computer. To control the camera, use the “R” stick on the right stick. To move in the desired direction, you will need to point the camera in that direction. To move yourself in the desired direction, use the “L” stick on the left analogue stick.

You will need a significant quantity of wood, iron, gold, and redstone dust if you want to construct a roller coaster. In creative mode, you will have access to all of the supplies you require in the crafting menu, so you should give some thought to the possibility of constructing a roller coaster.

Can Minecarts go upside down?

Vertical Loops

Since minecarts can’t travel in the opposite direction, this is as close as the player can ever get to completing a vertical loop.