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How to Get The Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring


The Banished Knight Set is a four-piece collection of heavyweight armour that offers very strong defence numbers, Poise, and overall resistances. It is widely considered to be one of the best heavyweight armour sets in Elden Ring. In addition, the Banished Knight wears an outfit that has Altered versions of its Helm and Armor. These versions both have different statistics and almost completely different appearances than the standard ones. The hooded version of the Banished Knight Helmet is regarded as one of the most attractive and adaptable helmets offered by Elden Ring due to the fact that it may be combined with a wide variety of other components of the set. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to get the Banished Knight Set in Elder Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Get The Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring

The Banished Knight Set and its Altered components can be farmed in a variety of locales across the Lands Between, including Limgrave, Caelid, the Mountaintops of the Giants, and even Crumbling Farum Azula. These destinations include the mountaintops of the Giants. However, the most expedient and uncomplicated places to farm the sets are in Limgrave and Caelid, notably Stormveil Castle and the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Both of these locations are located in Caelid. Tarnished explorers should also keep in mind the possibility of farming the Banished Knight Set in Castle Sol and Azula’s Dragon Temple. Both of these locations have a high chance of producing the set’s components. In spite of this, players are encouraged to do their farming in Limgrave and Caelid because of the intricate region layouts and the formidable foes there.

How to Get The Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring

To begin, Elden Ring enthusiasts who are interested in acquiring the Altered Helm and Armor of the Banished Knight Set can farm a single elite foe located within Stormveil Castle. The next step, beginning at the Rampart Tower, is to exit through the entryway to the southeast and locate the stairway that leads down the outside of the outer walls. Near the exit, Tarnished will run across a Banished Knight who is patrolling the area. If approached silently, it will not be difficult for Tarnished to backstab the Banished Knight. As soon as the adversary has been vanquished, use a fast travel method to return to the Rampart Tower Grace and continue carrying out these steps until both of the Altered components have been obtained.

How to Get The Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring

You must go to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in South Caelid in order to obtain the “Unaltered” versions of the head and chest components for the Banished Knight. These versions are covered in fabric. Then, beginning at the Site of Grace, proceed to the northwest entrance of the chapel by going past the Imp Statues that are scattered across the area. A hooded Banished Knight will be slowly patrolling the gateway in Elden Ring. This knight is an easy target for a backstab, which will result in a critical attack.

How to Get The Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring

There have been reports from members of the Tarnished that resting at the Site of Grace does not always result in the respawning of this elite foe. If this is the case, then making a short return to the cathedral ought to resolve this problem for you. To obtain the components of the Banished Knight Set in Elden Ring that have a vagrant style, you will need to repeat this short journey. Those who are adamant about farming in higher-level areas can locate the Altered sections of the set on the ramparts to the west of the Castle Sol Rooftop, while the base variations can be found on the upper and lower floors close to the Dragon Temple Altar in Elden Ring.


How do you get the Royal Knight set Elden Ring?

After obtaining 4,000 Runes and fighting Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree (Miquella’s Haligtree), you will be able to acquire the Royal Knight Set from Enia, The Finger Reader in Roundtable Hold. This is a complete set of Attire that can be worn by the player.

The Twinned Armor outfit is the one that D wears when players first meet him in Limgrave or at the Roundtable Hold. Players can first meet D in either location. It is almost certain that if players find and loot this set during the early game of Elden Ring, it will be the best overall armour set that players have come across so far.

What is the best late game armor in Elden Ring?

Veteran’s Set. Because of its strong Poise and physical defence, the Veteran’s Set is one of the best options available for melee builds in the late game. How to get hold of: Following your victory over Commander Niall on the Rooftop of the Castle Sol, you will be able to acquire the set from Enia for the price of 18,000 runes.

Is godrick armor good?

4 Godrick Soldier

The Godrick Knight set is one of the best pieces of armour to obtain early on in Elden Ring. It is also one of the sets that can be obtained pretty easy right from the beginning of the game.

Armor of the Crucible Tree

In Elden Ring, donning the Crucible Tree Armour is most likely going to be the most beneficial thing you can do to shield yourself from the effects of holy damage. The entirety of the collection can be discovered in the Deeproot Depths, which are reachable via the Siofra Aqueduct if the Valiant Gargoyle has been vanquished and the player has spent some time in a coffin.

Does heavier armor make you slower Elden Ring?

Each level has an impact on a character’s ability to dodge, recover, sprint, and move quickly in general, and carrying a light, medium, or heavy load has both advantages and disadvantages. If you load your character down with too much gear, their mobility will be severely restricted, and they won’t be able to explore the world as easily.