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How to Customize Caption in YouTube on Mobile


You were viewing a video on YouTube, but there were some phrases or sentences that you just couldn’t grasp. Utilize the captions so that you can locate them more quickly. In addition to that, the settings for the captions on YouTube can also be managed from your iOS or Android device.

Even better, you are able to change the default size and style of the captions in addition to having this choice available to you. Utilizing this handy feature to its maximum potential is highly recommended if you no longer wish to be thrown off by various accents. Please be aware that the YouTube mobile site for iOS does not support closed captioning at this time. Let’s have a more in-depth look, shall we?

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How to Customize Caption in YouTube on Mobile

iPhone, iPad, and Android

There are still certain videos on YouTube that do not support captions, despite the fact that the vast majority of videos on the platform do support them.

1. Open the YouTube app on your Apple device, and once you’ve found the video you want to watch, start watching it.

2. At this point, you should press the button that is labelled “Menu.”

3. You’ll need to click this button in order to see the captions.

How to Customize Caption in YouTube on Mobile

4. After that, you will be required to select either English or Spanish (auto-generated.)

How to Customize Caption in YouTube on Mobile

When you add subtitles to your movie, the changes will take effect right away. By following the same methods as before, you will be able to activate them so that you can watch further videos.

Repeat the steps you just took and then pick “No captions” (if you’re using iOS) or “Turn off captions” (if you’re using Android). This will remove the captions in the event that you decide at a later time that you no longer want them (on Android.)

How to Customize Caption in YouTube on Mobile


What do I do if YouTube has no subtitles?

Click Settings . To play back or perform the file, select the “Playback and performance” link in the menu on the left. Check or uncheck Always show the captions when they are available. Check or uncheck Include captions that were created by the computer automatically (when available).

Why did YouTube remove captions?

However, in September, YouTube eliminated the option that allowed users to post subtitles for videos, citing “poor usage” and “abuse” as the reasons. The creators were forced to begin writing the captions themselves. Rikki Poynter, a deaf YouTuber who is also a prominent captions crusader, provided me with a pretty pessimistic outlook back in April of 2020, when the plans were initially disclosed.

Where did closed captions go on YouTube?

You can switch on subtitles for a YouTube video by clicking the CC button that is located at the very bottom of the video. When closed captions are activated, a line in a bright red colour will show below the icon. 2. By clicking the gear button, you are also able to alter the parameters for the captions.

What is CC button in YouTube?

When a video is shown, the text that displays speech and other important sound effects is referred to as “closed captioning,” and its abbreviation is “CC.” You can activate closed captioning on a YouTube video by clicking the CC symbol located on the video’s player. Displaying captions that have been automatically created is the default option for the closed captioning feature on YouTube videos.