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How to Damage Opponents with the Lock on Pistol on Fortnite


Every week, players of the game Fortnite get access to brand new challenges. As part of the weekly content updates, the game will frequently acquire new content, such as new goods and other improvements to the game’s existing features. This past week witnessed the introduction of a fresh piece of information, which in turn brought with it a new set of challenges. Players in Fortnite now have access to the Lock On Pistol, and they have been tasked with the purpose of dealing at least 200 damage to their opponents while utilizing it. This guide will show you how to use the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite so that you may cause harm to other players while you are playing the game. So let’s get started:

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How to Damage Opponents with the Lock On Pistol on Fortnite

Enter the game world

Prepare to play the game by loading it onto the system you’ve chosen. A new weekly update has just released, so check to see that your game has the most recent patch installed. After that is finished, start the application, and when it asks for your login information, be sure to have it ready to go. Because this is not a Creative-focused challenge, you should experiment with all of the many modes that are available in Battle Royale or even Zero Build. It ought to be possible to play either solo, in pairs, in trios, or in squads. Since it is simple to deliver damage to a player who is already downed, it is best to avoid playing Solo if at all possible.

Drop down to a Fortnite zone that’s loaded with loot chests

The new Lock On Pistol may be unearthed in Fortnite by searching the ground, opening supply drops, or opening chests. As a result, you should begin your quest for it by looking through the chests first. This can be accomplished anywhere, although the likelihood of finding a chest increases in regions with a greater density of chests. If you want the most chests, you should try to land somewhere like Anvil Square, Breakwater Bay, Mega City, or one of the other designated spots.

How to Damage Opponents with the Lock on Pistol on Fortnite

Target a specific adversary

This pistol, as its name would suggest, has a cool feature in which it locks onto the target it is aimed at. If you aim for a sufficient amount of time, as illustrated in the figure to the right, all four of the middle crosshairs will turn pink. As soon as this occurs, it will lock onto the adversaries, and the subsequent shot will be successful.

How to Damage Opponents with the Lock on Pistol on Fortnite

Inflict 200 damage

The headshots from this weapon provide approximately 25 damage to the target, while body shots only deal 20. This will grow depending on the rarity of the target, but regardless, players will need to land a few shots in order to successfully complete the challenge. Players are required to deal 200 damage, which means you need to reach that threshold before you pass out and lose your weapon.

How to Damage Opponents with the Lock on Pistol on Fortnite


What does the lock on pistol do in Fortnite?

When you have it fitted, you will be able to aim, and you will see a high-tech pink aiming program begin to zero in on your intended target. When it reaches the center, your bullets will be able to track your target with a startling degree of accuracy.

Where can I get a lock on my pistol?

Because of its ability, a great number of Fortnite gamers first believed that it would be a highly overpowering handgun when it was originally introduced. It turns out that it’s most commonly discovered as a weapon with a blue rarity, which indicates that it can spawn both on the ground and in chests as treasure. There is no one particular spot where it is more prevalent or simpler to find than other places.

Is there a silenced pistol in Fortnite?

In the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, the Suppressed Pistol is a type of Pistol. It was first seen in the first season. The Shadow Tracker is the name of the exotic variant of this weapon, and the Dual Suppressed Pistols are the name of the dual-wielded variant of this weapon that can only be obtained through the Spy Games limited time mode.

Does Fortnite have auto lock?

By going to the Options menu (which should be located on the top left of your screen), you have the additional option of configuring Party Hub so that it will automatically lock your party when you are playing the game by yourself.

What is a lock key Fortnite?

You can fulfill the first criterion of the challenge by using Keys on these locks in order to unlock them. The second method, which is also the best one, is to open a Vault, which can be either a one- or two-key Vault and can be located all across the map. To accomplish this, simply touch down anywhere on the globe and search for a Key. Keys are a common type of loot that can be acquired from the ground or from chests.