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How to Delete Drafts on Instagram: Ultimate Guide


We’ve all had those moments where we need to delete some posts that we’ve accidentally uploaded on Instagram. When you press the ‘Delete Drafts’ button, it just deletes the post without notifying you. Deleting a draft is necessary if you wish to edit or delete that post. However, this can be a cumbersome process if you have multiple drafts saved to your account. Luckily, there is a way to delete these drafts with an app called Followers+. Followers+ is an app that allows you to do many things with your Instagram account, including managing your followers and following numbers, unfollowing inactive accounts, and deleting old drafts! Here are quick steps for how to delete old drafts on your Instagram.

How To Delete Drafts On Instagram

If you visit submit a image to Instagram however then determine now no longer to, you get the choice to store it as a draft. If it’s a pleasant image you need to return back again and spend extra time editing, that’s a very good thing; however if it’s a throwaway image you’ve no hobby in posting, it remains for your drafts till you delete it. The delete choice is a touch hidden, though.

Open Instagram and visit put up a photo. Above all of the pictures to your phone, you’ll see a Drafts section. If you need to put up that photo, choose it; otherwise, in case you need to delete it out of your drafts, faucet Manage.

Next, tap Edit.

Select the drafts you want to get rid of and tap Discard Posts. You’ll need to confirm your decision.

And with that, the unwanted draft will be gone.

Why You Need To Delete Old Drafts

If you have old drafts saved on your account, your Instagram’s performance will be affected. Drafts on Instagram are similar to drafts in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. They allow you to save a post without posting it on the timeline for all of your followers to see. For this reason, it’s very easy to save a draft for too long without realizing. When you have more than 10 of these drafts saved, it affects the overall performance of your Instagram page because these posts are not being deleted and thus take up space. You can delete a draft from within the app by going to “More” > “Drafts” > “Delete Draft”. Alternatively, you can also delete all drafts from your account using Followers+. Followers+ is an app that allows you to manage many things with your Instagram account, including managing followers and following numbers, unfollowing inactive accounts, and deleting old drafts! Here’s how:

How to use Followers

Followers+ is an app that is great for managing your Instagram account. Followers+ has many features, one of which is the ability to delete old drafts. To use this feature, first download the Followers+ app on your phone or tablet (You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store). Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up and log into your Instagram account. After logging in, click on ‘Helper’ followed by ‘Delete Drafts’. On this screen, you will be provided with a list of all the posts that are currently saved as drafts on your account. You can then select which draft you would like to edit or delete and click delete.

The reason this method is so effective is because it allows you to see all of your drafts in one place and choose which ones need deleting. If you were trying to find these drafts on Instagram without using an app like Followers+, it would take much longer than if using an app like Followers+. Additionally, if you aren’t using a third-party app to manage your Instagram account, deleting these drafts may not even be possible!



Now that you know how to delete drafts on Instagram, you can make sure you’re only posting your best content and attracting the right followers.

If you’re not sure how to delete drafts on Instagram, follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be on the right track in no time.