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How to Kick Someone Off Your Wifi with Android


Have you ever wanted to kick someone off your wifi? Have they been hogging all the bandwidth and slowing down internet speeds for everyone else in your home? Well, if you have an Android device, it’s easy.
You’ll start by flipping over to the Settings menu on your phone. Scroll down and tap on “Wi-Fi.” Hit the blue arrow next to the network name where the person you want to kick is connected. You then just need to select “forget network,” and that’s it! Now they won’t be able to use your WiFi ever again–unless they know how to hack back in.


Go to the web page and input the ID AND PASSWORD. Now parent out – which telecellsmartphone you need to block.

DHCP AND DHCP CLIENT LIST – that is the listing of these gadgets which can be related for your hotspot and the mac cope with of the gadgets may be proper there.

Head over to play save and deployation the FING NETWORK equipment then release the app and click on at the Refresh icon that is the listing of related devices.

I have used the app earlier the highlighted text are those devices which are currently connected and not highlighted text are those devices with once connected but are currently on offline the reason for installing the app.

It helps you to see the OEM and from time to time the version variety of related gadgets which you need to block. Now replica the MAC ADDRESS after which head over to WIRELESS > MAC FILTERING then click on on > ADD NEW.

as you will see you can’t paste text, don’t stress type some irregular content and select them then you will discover the choice to glue,

is the MAC ADDRESS at that point enter the gadget name – which or whose gadget.
Click on SAVE now click on on ENABLE as you may see the tool is disconnected out of your router.

Reasons To Kick People From Your Wi-Fi Network

  • Lower bandwidth is the primary and the maximum disturbing trouble that you could face while undesirable connections are made for your Wi-Fi. What’s the factor of having a web connection whilst you can’t use it to its most potential?
  • If a person with malicious motive receives into your connection, they are able to motive a great deal larger issues than simply gradual net. They can get get entry to for your files, set up Remote Administration tools, and plenty more.
  • People downloading copyrighted content material and unlawful torrents out of your IP can motive prison troubles for you, even in case you don’t take pleasure in such activities.
  • If different linked gadgets use your net connection liberally, you could run out of the FUP records that your ISP offers you. This can both incur large month-to-month fees or restrict your community pace after you pass the FUP.

Now which you recognize why you want to kick those sorts of customers out of your Wi-Fi connection, check those easy however powerful approaches to do the same.

Video For Better Understanding


Now that you know how to kick unwanted users off your wifi network, you can keep your network secure and safe from exploits. You can use the aforementioned apps for Windows, macOS, or Android if your router doesn’t support MAC filtering or banning via the DHCP server.