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How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming platform, but it just takes a few digital downloads of games to use up all of the available storage space on the machine. The Nintendo Switch only ships with a default capacity of 32 GB. A game that is the size of “Team Sonic Racing,” which requires 6.6 gigabytes of space, is considered to be of an average size. On the other side, there are behemoths such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which utilises 13.4GB of the Switch’s storage space, which is nearly half of the available space.

Therefore, unless you have increased the storage capacity of your Switch by adding a micro SD card, you will probably have to erase some of the games on your Switch console on a regular basis. This is how you play games on a Nintendo system.

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How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

1. From the home screen of the Switch, navigate to the game that you wish to remove from your system. You might need to pick the “All Software” option at the right end of the home menu in order to view everything that is stored on your device if you have a significant number of apps and games installed.

How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

2. When you have located the game you wish to remove from your system, click the plus (+) button located on the right Joy-Con controller or the minus (-) button located on the left Joy-Con controller. The plus and minus buttons will continue to be located on the right and left sides of the controller, regardless of whether you are using a Pro Controller or another controller that does not feature Joy-Cons.

3. In the menu that displays, select the option to “Manage Software.”

4. Confirm your selection after clicking the “Delete Software” button in step three.

How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

And with it, there is no chance of winning the game.

But there is still a chance of retrieving it. By choosing “Archive Software” rather than “Delete Software,” you will be able to keep a shortcut that will allow you to re-download the game at any time. When you archive a game, the game’s data will be removed from your console; however, the game’s icon and any save data will remain on the site. This is wonderful if all you want to do is temporarily free up some space.

If you wish to completely delete the game, including all of your save data, doing so can clear up more space on your device; however, if you ever download it again, you will have to begin playing from the very beginning.


Does deleting a Switch game delete save data?

You can remove and reinstall games at any time that you’ve purchased using your Nintendo account on the Switch, and it won’t have any effect on the save data that you’ve accumulated while playing them.

Can you hide a game on Switch?

Choose the device you want to display your play activity on under “Play Activity Settings.” You can choose “No One” from the menu that appears by first highlighting it and then clicking the “A” button. This will ensure that none of your friends are able to view the list of games that you have been playing.

What happens if I delete a game from Switch?

In order to clear space in the system memory of the console, downloadable applications can be removed from the memory and either stored to a microSD card or removed entirely. The deletion of programme data will have no effect on the data you have saved. The software can be redownloaded using the same Nintendo Account that it was originally paid with, even if it has been removed.