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How to Fix a Nintendo Switch That Won’t Turn On


When you attempt to use your cherished Nintendo Switch, it won’t turn on, is that right? Don’t worry too much; it’s probably just a fairly minor issue at this point. There are a few possible causes as to why your Nintendo Switch will not turn on, and the vast majority of these answers are for problems that are rather trivial. This quick troubleshooting tip is for those of you who own a Nintendo Switch that just will not power on.

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How to Fix a Nintendo Switch That Won’t Turn On

Let it charge

If a Switch won’t switch on for you, it’s almost often because the battery has run out of juice and needs to be replaced. This is especially the case if it has been a significant amount of time since the last time it was charged; once enough time has passed, it may have even lost its residual charge.

Put it back into its dock or immediately plug the charging wire into an available port, then wait for at least an hour for it to fully recharge. The Switch should be functioning in the near future, and it will reach full charge in around three hours.

How to Fix a Nintendo Switch That Won't Turn On

Perform a hard reset

If your Switch is still unresponsive even after a good charging session, or if you can see a faint light emanating from the blank screen, it is time to force a shutdown instead of waiting for it to shut down on its own. Don’t worry; the data you’ve saved won’t be wiped out.

In order to turn off the Switch manually:

1. For a period of between 15 seconds, depress and hold the Switch’s power button, which is a little circular button.

How to Fix a Nintendo Switch That Won't Turn On

2. Let go of it and hold your breath for a few more seconds.

3. Activate the device by pushing the button labelled “Power.”

If you have tried everything and it still won’t switch on, you might have a more serious problem. Get in touch with Nintendo’s support staff and ask if they can assist you.


Why is a switch not turning on?

If you have a Nintendo Switch and it won’t switch on, the battery may require a lengthy charge; if this is the case, consider leaving it plugged in for at least an hour before turning it back on again. If your Switch suddenly stopped turning on, it is possible that it is frozen. If this is the case, you will need to conduct a quick hard reset in order to fix it.

How do I know if my switch is damaged?

The moment the switch begins to act in a manner that is irregular in any way, this is the first indication that anything is wrong. When you move the lever, for instance, if you hear a crackle, snap, or popping sound, it is very evident that your switch is broken, and you should consider replacing it.

Can a Nintendo Switch be repaired?

Fixing the Nintendo Switch gaming console is going to be necessary. Nintendo provides a straightforward and user-friendly online repair process for your easiness and convenience.

Can you use switch while charging?

There are two different ways to charge a Nintendo Switch console, and playing games is possible in both of these modes while the console is charging. Even if you are playing the game on the television while the Switch is docked, the console will continue to be charged through the power line that is connected to the dock.