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How to Disable Android Auto – A Comprehensive guide


If you’re using Android Auto, it’s important to keep your car’s authentication code close to your heart. You don’t want to lose that information or have it go missing in the middle of all your activities. That’s why this guide will show you how to disable Android Auto on your Android device. first, you need a way to depress the key off the car; and then, you need to remember which key code you want to protect.

Music, Messages, Maps, and Navigation applications can all be accessed via your car’s infotainment system with Android Auto, which transforms it into a smartphone. It is also possible to operate automotive functions using the Google Assistant.

However, new automobiles are being introduced every day with improved technology and features that make it a wonderful invention for avoiding unneeded distractions while driving. Consider that today’s automobile entertainment systems are equipped with several of Android Auto’s functions, such as voice command control and navigation, in addition to the standard functionality.

In other words, if you’re the one who’s having difficulties deactivating Android Auto so that you may utilise the rooted capabilities of your car’s head unit while still charging your handset with a USB cord, we’ve got your back. You may deactivate Android Auto at any moment by using one of the three ways detailed below.

How to disable Android Auto?

The first remedy that springs to mind is to remove any software that are no longer in use on your computer. Without a doubt, and very correctly, this is not a bad option, but when it comes to Android Auto, there isn’t much place for this kind of solution.

For Android 9 and older versions, you can quickly delete the Android Auto app from your Android phone by clicking on the App for a few seconds and then selecting uninstall from the list of alternatives.

However, since the programme is pre-installed on Android 10 and later Android version smartphones, it is hard to completely uninstall the application from the device unless you root your device.

Consequently, the only options left are to either disable/force stop the Android Auto app from your smartphone or prevent it from automatically starting from your smartphone’s menu.

How to disable Android Auto app in Android device?

It is not suggested to deactivate any pre-installed Android app since doing so may create difficulties with other applications, particularly the System apps, and is thus not recommended. In most cases, it is preferable to utilise the Force Stop option since it will always resolve the issue. If none of the methods listed below work for you, and your phone is running Android 10 or above, then you might consider using this alternative.

  • Navigate to the device’s settings.
  • Afterwards, scroll down to locate the App management button.
  • On the next screen, choose App list from the drop-down menu.

  • Now find Android Auto from the list to open App info.
  • Finally Click on Force Stop button at the top.

How to stop Android Auto from launching Automatically?

By using this approach, you will prevent Android Auto from automatically connecting to the car’s head unit. Additionally, you will be able to charge the phone or connect the device through Bluetooth without having to delete the Android Auto setup beforehand. In the future, if you wish to utilise the function again, you won’t have to reinstall Android Auto on your phone and reconnect it to your vehicle.

  • Open the device settings and search for Android Auto in the search box at the top of the screen to activate it.
  • Then choose Android Auto from the drop-down menu
  • Now go to Phone screen settings and choose Auto-launch from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the Auto-launch toggle to the left by swiping it.



How do I turn off Android Auto?

  1. Open device settings and type Android Auto in the search bar at the top.
  2. Then click on Android Auto button.
  3. Now go to Auto-launch under Phone screen settings.
  4. swipe the Auto-launch toggle to the left.

Why do I need Android Auto?

Android Auto is a great way to access your Android phone’s features while driving. It allows you to use voice commands, steering wheel buttons, or your car’s touchscreen to control phone features. Many popular apps like Facebook, Zoom, and WhatsApp are compatible with it.