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How to Disconnect Your PS5 Controller From Your Android


It is possible to connect the PS5 controller to a phone over Bluetooth; however, after you have completed playing, you need unpair the controller from the phone. In order for you to use your PS5 controller independently of your Android smartphone, you will need to follow the steps outlined in this guide in order to detach it from your phone. So let’s get started:

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How to Disconnect Your PS5 Controller From Your Android

This is a manual for operating your Android phone, so please read it thoroughly before getting started.

1. Tap Settings.

2. Utilize the Bluetooth system in your daily life.

How to Disconnect Your PS5 Controller From Your Android

3. When you are utilizing the PS5 system, select the little information button that is situated next to the controller and is labelled PS5. This will allow you to access a variety of options.

How to Disconnect Your PS5 Controller From Your Android

4. Tap the symbol that has the word “Disconnect” written on it.

How to Disconnect Your PS5 Controller From Your Android


How do you reset a PS5 controller?

Find the little button labelled “Reset” that is located on the controller’s rear. To push the button all the way through the hole, you will need a little tool. Keep your finger pressed firmly on the button for around three to five seconds. Pressing the PS button on the controller will cause it to be automatically connected to your PlayStation 5 console through the USB cable that was included with the console.

How do I unpair my PlayStation controller?

You will need to select “Forget Device” after pressing the Options button on your operational controller. The inactive or broken controller will be removed from the system of your PlayStation once this process is complete. You can turn off your PS4 by pressing the PS button on your controller, and then selecting Power > Turn off PS4.

Can you connect more than one controller to Android?

If all of the users’ gaming controllers are connected at the same time to the Android device that is in issue, then it is conceivable for a single Android device to support multiple users at the same time. The vast majority of games are designed to only allow one player at a time to play on each Android device.

What happens if I reset my PS5 controller?

After turning off the PlayStation 5, hit the reset button located on the back of the PS5 controller with the help of a paperclip that has been straightened. Problems with the PS5 controller and the console can sometimes be fixed by doing a factory reset. Turning down the PlayStation 5 system will perform a soft reset, but you may also open the PS5 Control Center and select Accessories to power down the controller.

How do I put my controller on pairing mode?

Verify that the game controller you’re using is not still in the active state. Wait for the light bar to begin flashing before releasing both the PS and Share buttons at the same time. During this time, you must press and hold both buttons simultaneously. Your Apple device should now be able to locate and make use of the controller because it is now in the pairing mode and has been put there by you.