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Skull and Bones – How to Get the Pyromaniac Ship


Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s highly anticipated pirate-themed action-adventure game, has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide with its promise of high-seas exploration, naval combat, and plundering riches. Among the many coveted treasures within the game lies “The Pyromaniac” ship, a formidable vessel known for its devastating firepower and fearsome reputation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the depths of Skull and Bones to uncover the secrets of acquiring this legendary ship and mastering the art of naval warfare.

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Unlocking The Pyromaniac Ship

Acquiring the Pyromaniac Ship hinges on attaining a specific level of Infamy. Players must achieve Cutthroat I Infamy to unlock the blueprint through the Black Market. This milestone can be reached by completing various Contracts and other tasks within the game, gradually progressing through the main campaign.

Once players attain the required Infamy level, they can procure the ship’s blueprints from designated Black Market locations, including Le Pont Muet, Sante-Anne, and Telok Penjarah, or through the Helm interface. The acquisition of these blueprints demands a payment of 5000 Pieces of Eight. Furthermore, players must gather the necessary crafting materials to proceed with the construction of the ship.

Navigating the High Seas:

In Skull and Bones, information is the key to unlocking secrets and uncovering hidden treasures. As players explore the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, they will encounter various NPCs, factions, and rumors that provide clues to The Pyromaniac’s whereabouts. Whether it’s a cryptic map fragment, a whispered rumor in a seedy tavern, or a coded message intercepted from a rival pirate crew, every clue brings players one step closer to their goal.

Embracing the Pirate’s Life:

As players embark on their quest for The Pyromaniac, they must embrace the true spirit of piracy in Skull and Bones. This means engaging in acts of plundering, looting, and pillaging against rival ships and merchant vessels, accumulating wealth and infamy along the way. From ambushing unsuspecting convoys to engaging in epic naval battles against powerful adversaries, players must prove their worth as cunning and ruthless pirates worthy of commanding The Pyromaniac.

Confronting Challenges:

Skull and Bones - How to Get the Pyromaniac Ship

Of course, the path to acquiring The Pyromaniac is fraught with danger and adversity. Players will face numerous challenges along the way, including rival pirate crews, naval patrols, and treacherous environmental hazards. Whether it’s navigating through treacherous storms, outmaneuvering enemy warships, or surviving encounters with sea monsters, players must use all their skills and cunning to overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious.


Where can I find clues or hints about The Pyromaniac’s location in Skull and Bones?

Players can find clues and hints about The Pyromaniac’s location by exploring the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, interacting with NPCs, factions, and other players, and listening to rumors in taverns or from intercepted messages. Keep an eye out for any information that may lead you closer to uncovering the whereabouts of The Pyromaniac.

What level of difficulty can I expect when trying to obtain The Pyromaniac in Skull and Bones?

Acquiring The Pyromaniac in Skull and Bones can be challenging, as players will face numerous obstacles and adversaries along the way, including rival pirate crews, naval patrols, and treacherous environmental hazards. Players should be prepared for intense naval battles, cunning tactics, and strategic planning to overcome these challenges.

Can I obtain The Pyromaniac through peaceful means, such as negotiation or trade?

While Skull and Bones primarily revolves around piracy and naval combat, players may have the opportunity to obtain The Pyromaniac through negotiation or trade with certain factions or NPC characters. However, this option may require significant diplomatic skill and cooperation with other players.

Is there a specific region or area of the map where The Pyromaniac is more likely to be found in Skull and Bones?

The Pyromaniac’s exact location in Skull and Bones may vary, but players should focus their search in areas known for pirate activity, dense shipping routes, or strategic naval strongholds. Keep a lookout for any clues or rumors that may point you towards The Pyromaniac’s whereabouts as you explore the game’s vast open world.


In the world of Skull and Bones, acquiring The Pyromaniac is the ultimate prize for aspiring pirate captains seeking fame, fortune, and glory. By following the steps outlined in this guide and embracing the true spirit of piracy, players can unlock the secrets of The Pyromaniac and command its formidable power to dominate the high seas. So hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail for adventure, and claim your rightful place among the legends of Skull and Bones!