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How To Crouch In GTA 5


GTA 5 requires you to engage in a variety of illicit acts, including a lot of murdering. To finish the objective, you may need to eliminate a large number of adversaries. When you’re attempting to kill somebody, it is obvious that they will try to kill you too. You’ll need to know how to crouch behind things and take shelter in GTA 5.

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How To Crouch In GTA 5

The following steps will teach you how you can crouch and hide behind objects in GTA 5.

Find an object behind which you want to crouch

GTA 5 is littered with boxes, corners, and automobiles. They’re one of the finest things to hide behind. Low walls are also an excellent choice. You must face the thing you intend to use as a cover.


If you’re playing on a computer, you’ll need to click the ‘Q’ button to take shelter. If you’re playing on a PlayStation, hit R1, and if you’re playing on an Xbox, press RB. The ‘Cover’ buttons are another name for these buttons.


Simply crouching will not help you kill your opponent. You must glance to see where your adversary is positioned. To do so, hold the right mouse button down, or the left trigger if you’re using a console. The ‘Aim’ buttons are located here. You will return to your crouched posture if you release the ‘Aim’ button.

Fire Away

If you’re on a console, hit the right trigger or the left-click on your mouse to shoot. You can shoot over the top or around the edges of your cover. Your character’s head or body will not be exposed in any manner. However, aiming before shooting is preferable because it exposes a section of your body.


You can come out of your hiding by pressing the ‘Cover’ button.

How to Crouch in GTA V

During some areas of GTA V, you’ll need to be stealthy to avoid drawing suspicion from adversaries. It would make sense if GTA V included a specific crouch button, but it does not.

You can engage a low profile mode by pressing the left stick on the controller, which makes your character more stealthy but isn’t quite a crouch.

This is the best you’re going to get in GTA V, so take advantage of it. There is still a cover system in place in case things go wrong and you have no choice but to shoot your way out.

This low-profile option works in much the same manner as a crouch button, making you less noticeable and suspicious to onlookers. However, unlike crouching, it will not offer you with any form of cover advantage.

Simply return to low profile mode and stroll away like you did nothing wrong in classic GTA fashion once you’ve successfully accomplished a task via stealth or other methods.

Of course, if you’re attempting to dodge cops outside of missions, this is also handy. Everyone eventually reaches the five-star wanted status and needs to hide.

It wouldn’t hurt to go into low-profile mode when leaping fences via people’s backyards or hiding in a bush if you were trying to avoid the cops.

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