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How to Dive in Madden 22


There is nothing quite like seeing a running back or wide receiver make a last-ditch effort to grab the end zone pylon as opponents close in on them. Both in real life and in Madden 22, it performs exceptionally well. Dive is the simplest ball carrier manoeuvre you can execute out of all the many button commands and mechanics you may make both before and after the snap. When is the optimal time to lunge for extra yards, and how do you dive in Madden 22?

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How to Dive in Madden 22

The Tennessee Titans face a fourth-and-goal situation with a five-point deficit. With only one play remaining, the most prudent move would be to give the ball to Derrick Henry to control. Even if Henry is the biggest and baddest bruiser in the league, there is still a possibility that he may be stopped at the line of scrimmage, which would result in the team losing the game. In spite of the fact that everyone on both sides of the ball anticipates that Henery would push his way through the line, he has another plan in mind. He takes the snap, makes sure he has control of the ball, and then dives over the defensive line rather than going straight through it. Henry Derrick scores the touchdown.

While you are moving forward quickly with the ball in Madden 22, press and hold the Square button (on PlayStation) or the X button (on Xbox) to do a dive. When you sprint while holding R2 (PlayStation) or Right Trigger (Xbox), a broad selection of evasive movies become available, and diving is one among them.

When the stakes are high and the outcome of the game is uncertain is the only time diving should be used. Make sure that you are holding that button that says “dive” firmly. You don’t want to slip on the ice by accident because that will set your team back valuable yards and leave them behind the mark. While slipping through the tackle is typically the safest play, there are times when a full-on dive can make the difference between a touchdown and a fumble. When exactly, and for what reasons, should you start playing Madden 22?

The Right and Wrong Time to dive in Madden 22

Vick Ballard catches a short ball from Andrew Luck in 2012. Ballard knows a touchdown wins overtime for his squad. He dashes for the goal, leaps into the air, and extends the ball. Colts win, authorities say.

Should he have run out of bounds where he jumped? Perhaps, but a touchdown wasn’t certain from within the 5-yard line against the Titans. In Madden 22, you should dive for the goal line. You can dive for the first down instead of scoring. Assume you’re diving into the field with no defenders in your way. Nonetheless, it’s better to gain yards in the open field, especially if a first down is close at hand.

Diving may save your skin in the end, but it can injure you early on if it’s not essential. N’Keal Harry dove for the goal line as the Patriots were ahead against the Dolphins. Harry lost control of the ball after being smacked by a defender while airborne. The fumble resulted in a Miami Dolphins touchback.

Harry and other Madden 22 players should have slid to the ground or raced out of bounds to help their team score. Now Harry and the Patriots have no points. When no opponents are around, players can execute jubilant dives into the end zone. Before crossing the goal line, spread-eagle leap or corkscrew into the end zone.