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3 Teams To Play With If You Want To Crush in Madden 22


Playing EA Sports’ Madden NFL game usually goes down two routes. One, you play for fun, with your buddies, be it in a gaming session at someone’s house or online, all fun, no harm, just some good old football video gaming action. Two, you play for the glory of it all, you play to win and there is no other option rather than winning, and not just winning but dominating your opponents. Now, one of the main things in Madden in order to not just play, but win is being able to pick the best team available to crush each game. Just like when you check out NFL predictions lists to see which teams are looking best week in and week out, with Madden it’s the same dynamic. 

While some people pick their teams based out of loyalty and fandom, others pick their teams based on the fact that winning is the only choice. And it’s understandable, I’m pretty sure both are roads that most if not all Madden fans have gone down. But now with the Madden 22 ratings already making the rounds around the internet and as we get ready for what promises to be yet another great edition of everyone’s favorite football themed video game, we give you a list of the three best teams you can pick on Madden if you are looking to win every single time.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t want to say this was sort of an obvious choice, but, it was sort of an obvious choice to pick the defending Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the first pick for teams to take in Madden 22 in order to win. Not only are they the defending Super Bowl champions, they also have a certain player that has for years dominated the whole Madden scene. You might have heard of him, he plays QB for Tampa, the name Tom Brady. Brady is like the NFL’s version of King Midas, meaning that everything he touches automatically turns to gold, even in a video game setting. But that’s not all the Bucs are bringing to the Madden table.

With the fact that all of their Super Bowl winning starting lineup are coming back for another season and given the sheer dominance that they showed last season, especially with a defense that was able to hold Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to no touchdowns in Super Bowl LV, it’s no wonder why Madden 22’s highest ranked team would be them. With a defensive rating of 90, an offensive rating of 92 and an overall team rating of 92 again, the Bucs are the only team in the whole game that have scores of over 90 in all of the three rating categories for teams. So if you want to win and don’t mind getting talked up on the fact you’re going with Tom Brady and his almost unfair team, pick the Bucs every time.

Kansas City Chiefs

Second on the list comes the only other team that most fans and experts think can give Tampa Bay a true run for their money. Yes, last year’s Super Bowl runner ups, to the Bucs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Starting out with the fact that out of the 5 players in this year’s Madden “99 Club” two are part of the Chiefs, with QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce both making the most exclusive club in the game, the Chiefs have become a stable top pick for Madden players who want an offense ridden team at all times. Apart from Mahomes and Kelce being in the “99 Club” the Chiefs also have five other players with a rating of 90 or over for this year’s edition of the game. Even after losing in Super Bowl LV, the Chiefs are still considered, both in real life and in Madden as one of the most dominant and consistent teams in the sport of football.

Picking the Chiefs to ride with in Madden shouldn’t be such a hard decision to make. They have the highest rated offense in the game with an overall score of 96 and while their defense scores at a not so overwhelming 78, their general team rating is still 90. If you like teams that are always high on offense and don’t mind getting a few points scored on you then the Chiefs are definitely your team to go with.

Buffalo Bills

Last but not least, while we’ve talked about two teams which thrive off their overall status, let’s go another route here and talk specifically about the effect that one player alone can have on a team. No, I’m not talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers because we already know that story a bit too well, I’m talking about Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills QB is starting to truly make his mark as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and Madden has caught up to the hype. While his score might not reflect his true talents, with a humbling score of 88, while we all know he could easily be in the mid 90’s range, Allen is just too good to not play with him.

What he has done for the team and city of Buffalo and the fact that he is only 25 make him one of the best prospects for the NFL moving forward, both on the field and in the Madden franchise. He has turned Buffalo from a team nobody wanted to pick, to a team everyone wants to ride and play with. The Bills have gone from a joke to a threat and with Stefon Diggs by his side as his perfect WR partner, playing with Buffalo on Madden could end up giving fans all around some of the best results.

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