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How to Double Space in Microsoft Word


Whether you’ve been requested to double space a Word document or you like to read double spaced papers, this formatting may be done to a complete Word document or specific areas with a few simple clicks in Microsoft Word 2007.

Double spacing doubles the amount of space between lines of text, which can be beneficial to a teacher or editor when marking or making comments to a document or document section. When it comes to double spacing in a Word document, the method will change depending on whatever version of Word you are using.

The following are the procedures to follow for newer versions of Word as well as Office 2007-2010.

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How to double space a whole document in Word in newer versions of Office

1. Design may be found in any open document.

2. Paragraph Spacing should be selected.

3. Select Double from the drop-down menu.

How to double space part of a document in Word in newer versions of Office

1. While your document is open on the Home tab, choose the paragraphs you wish to double space and click the Double Space button.

2. The arrow in the bottom right corner of the Paragraph box should be clicked.

3. Select Double from the Line Spacing drop-down menu.

4. Then Click OK.

How to double space in Word in Office 2007-2010

1. To double space an entire document, go to the Styles section of the Home tab and click on Double Space.

2. Normal may be accessed by selecting it from the context menu.

3. Select Modify from the drop-down menu.

4. Double space may be found under Formatting.

5. Select OK at this point.

How to double space part of a document in Word in Office 2007-2010

1. Double-space just the paragraphs that have been highlighted.

2. To change the spacing between lines and paragraphs, select the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon from the Home tab.

3. Choose version 2.0.



What is double spacing in an essay?

Double-spaces, double-spacing, and double-spaced are all examples of word forms. The transitive verb is a verb that moves from one place to another. The term “double-space” refers to the addition of a full line of space between each line of writing when you write or type something. Double-space between each item on the list.

How do you indent?

If you want to indent the first line of a paragraph, place your cursor at its beginning, and then hit the tab key. When you press the Enter key to begin the following paragraph, the first line of the paragraph will be indented.

Is 1.5 spacing double spacing?

When typing in Microsoft Word, depending on the style of the page, you might need to adjust the line spacing. Press Ctrl + 1 to single space a line, Ctrl + 2 to double space a paragraph of text or Ctrl + 5 to set the spacing to 1.5 line spacing on any selected text on a single line, paragraph, or throughout the whole document.

What’s double space in Word?

The use of a double space in text formatting indicates that sentences contain a complete blank line (the equivalent of the entire height of a line of text) between the rows of words. Single spacing is enabled by default in most programmes, which means that there is a little gap between each line of text, similar to how this paragraph is formatted.