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How to Emote in Stardew Valley


Players of Stardew Valley might spend a lot of time attempting to make friends with all of the different characters in the game. Players have access to nearly two dozen NPCs with whom they can engage in conversation, grow to know, and even marry. Despite the fact that Stardew Valley has been available for several years, one user recently discovered a new facet of the game’s mechanics pertaining to the in-game character images. This post will provide a concise explanation of how to emote in Stardew Valley if you are interested in learning more about it. So let’s get started:

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How to Emote in Stardew Valley

Emoting is a brand new feature that was added to Stardew Valley in the version 1.4 patch release. By doing so, you provide the other players surrounding you with a clearer picture of the emotions that your character is experiencing and the behaviors you want them to act out while playing the game.

How to Emote in Stardew Valley

To get to the Emote menu, you don’t need to perform a whole lot of things. The Y button on the keyboard is what personal computer players need to press in order to bring it up. There are eight different feelings that can be experienced:

  • Yes
  • Happy
  • Pause
  • Sad
  • No
  • Angry
  • Question
  • Heart

Every one of them appears as a picture, and as you move your mouse over them, you’ll get some further information on what actions your character will take in the game. Your Stardew Valley farmer will take on a slightly different demeanor as a result of the animations you purchase. Click the Escape button, then navigate to the little controller icon, which is the second-to-last symbol on the right side of the screen. From there, you can modify the keybinding button that you need to press in order to bring up the emote menu.

You will need to scroll down quite a ways to reach the “Emote Menu: Y” option that is located underneath Controls. Once you have done so, select it. After clicking the Set button, you will be able to reassign the function of bringing up the emote radial map to any button on your keyboard. These are the eight possibilities that are open to you at the moment. It is not known if there will be additional content added to Stardew Valley in the future.


How do you edit emotes on Stardew?

The emotes menu can be opened by holding down the right thumbstick and either pressing or selecting the minus sign.

How do you flirt in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, you need to have a high friendship rating with a character before you may pursue a romantic relationship with them. The icon for this may be found in the menu, and it looks like a heart scale. You can raise the rating by either completing particular character-specific missions or giving presents to each individual character. When you have achieved a rating high enough, anything will be fair game.

What is the strongest sword in Stardew?

The Infinity Blade is yet another weapon that may be forged at the forge. It is the most powerful sword available in Stardew Valley and the best of its kind overall. In addition to having a damage range of 80-100, it also has a speed stat of +4 and a defense stat of +2. It’s a fantastic weapon that combines the advantages of every type of weapon.

What is the rarest weapon in Stardew Valley?

Both the prismatic shard and the galactic sword are extremely uncommon, making the discovery of either one, or both, an exciting event.

Do spouses get jealous in Stardew Valley?

Depending on how lucky you are that day, the likelihood of your partner becoming envious of you is anywhere from 20 to 40%. If your spouse develops feelings of envy against you, you will lose 30 friendship points, and the next time you communicate with them, they will send you an angry message in which they make reference to the gift you gave them.