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How to ensure the safety of the child when traveling abroad?


The safety of children is an extremely important issue. Questions of improving the safety of children are asked not only by their parents, but also by charitable organizations, associations, and the state. And all because children are an unprotected segment of the population that requires increased attention. Let’s talk about how to protect children as much as possible while traveling abroad.

Exploring the area

One of the most important points is, of course, a detailed exploration of the area where you are going. Especially if you are going to this place for the first time. Be sure to get information about it, study traditions, customs, dangerous and safe places. Pay special attention to the prevailing cuisine in the country, as well as the quality of products and what restrictions there are for children. And of course, check the rules of stay in the country that interest you.

Think about transport options abroad

As you know, transportation during travel is one of the most important issues. Especially if you are traveling with a child. Public transport for families with young children is sometimes not the most comfortable and not the safest way to travel. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to car rental services. Car rental services offer a huge selection of cars for little money. You can find a car for rent for any color and taste and in almost any tourist country, this way, for example, the SUV car rental in Dubai will be an excellent option for safe transportation for lovers of deserts and luxury holidays.

Vaccinations and precautions

As you know, in some countries there are certain types of dangerous diseases or animals. Find out if you and your children have all the necessary vaccinations, and also take care in advance of the vaccinations and medications needed when traveling to a certain area. (For example, the anti-malaria drug must be taken 2 weeks before the trip). Also remember that it is important to instruct children about dangerous animals, such as snakes, predators and poisonous underwater inhabitants.


Of course, we must not forget about insurance. If you are flying somewhere through a travel agency, you will most likely be reminded of this. One is to keep it in mind and think about it in advance is simply necessary

Information about the family


As a maximum precaution, it is recommended to write down information about your family on a sheet with an indication of blood groups, medications used, vaccinations and diseases suffered. This will help in case of emergencies. Of course, while preparing for a trip, I don’t want to think about this, but everything happens in life, because when you are responsible for a small life, it is simply necessary.


Strict hygiene is extremely important both in life and in travel. In any vehicle on which you went on a trip, a lot of strangers are traveling, respectively, there are a lot of bacteria around, possibly even dangerous. Make sure that the child washes his hands often and, if possible, wipe common items with antibacterial wipes.

Careful food tracking

Do not buy food for children whose sellers and storage conditions seem suspicious to you. It is better not to buy food sold at stations, in suspicious shops and other strange places for the sale of food for the sake of your own safety and the safety of your children.

What should I do if I get lost?

On walks in places with a large crowd of people, arrange in advance with the child about the meeting place in case you lose each other. It should be a recognizable, visible place from afar with bright landmarks. Also, if possible, show the child a police, security or administration post where you can ask for help.

Follow the safety rules, keep an eye on the children and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Have a nice trip!