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How to Evolve Boldore In Pokemon Sword & Shield


The role-playing game Pokémon requires your character to acquire and evolve animals known as “Pokémon” in order to proceed. Boldore is a rock-type Pokémon with three legs and orange pointed rocks protruding from its back and the tips of its legs. It is a member of the genus Boldore. In the Pokemon Black and White (Fifth Generation) games, it was first presented as a new kind of Pokemon. Boldore may be distinguished by its gray-purple rock body with three legs, which is distinguished by its three legs. Boldore is the result of the evolution of Roggenrola at level 25. It progresses from Boldore to Gigalith, which is its ultimate form.

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How to Evolve Boldore In Pokemon Sword & Shield

1. Find a player with whom you may make a trade. When compared to other Pokémon, which evolve through levelling up or the use of stones, Boldore only evolves when it is traded to another player. Find a player, either in your immediate vicinity or on the internet, with whom you may exchange Pokémon.

2. Enter a Union Room to find out more. This is the location where you’ll meet the player with whom you’re dealing.

3. Boldore is traded to the opposing player. Boldore will grow into Gigalith once it has been acquired by the other player.

4. Start a new trading series by using the Enter key. This is something you will have to perform in order to get Gigalith back.

  • You may shorten the process by looking for a player who is willing to relinquish control of a Boldore. The Boldore you capture will evolve into the Gigalith once you have captured it.



Can you get Gigalith without trading?

Boldore’s evolution in the Pokemon Sword and Shield game

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, this is the most effective technique we’ve found for obtaining a Gigalith, unless, of course, you don’t mind seeing someone else’s Boldore develop into a Gigalith for your own amusement. As a result, neither you nor your friend will have to trade back.

What is Gigalith best Moveset?

When it comes to assaulting Pokémon in Gyms, Smack Down and Solar Beam are the most effective techniques for Gigalith. As a result, this moveset is the most effective in PVP encounters, as it has the most overall DPS.

How do you evolve Gurdurr in sword and shield?

What will be the process through which Gurdurr evolves into Conkeldurr? This is when things become a little complicated. Gurdurrs cannot evolve into Conkeldurrs unless they have been exchanged between two or more other players. Players can transfer a Gurdurr to a buddy, who will evolve it into a Conkeldurr, and then trade it back to the player who traded it to them.

Can you catch Zamazenta in Pokemon sword?

In Pokemon Sword, you will not be able to capture Zamazenta. Yes, you may fight this shield dog in Pokemon Sword, but you will not be able to capture it during the course of the battle – instead, you will only be able to capture the Zacian who appears afterward to beat your ass out of you.