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How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go


The Season of Mischief event for Pokemon GO is currently underway. This event kicked off on September 1, and over its duration, participants will have the opportunity to capture a unique Season of Mischief Hoopa and uncover its mysteries. However, during this Season, there is also another side mission that is taking place, and it is called the Psychic Spectacular. This month, players have the opportunity to capture a wide variety of Psychic Pokemon, including the Woobat. The following is a guide on how to evolve a Woobat in Pokemon Go.

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How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go

How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go

Players simply need to walk one kilometre with their Woobat companion and give it 50 candies in order to trigger the only and only available evolution for the Woobat. After the player has accomplished these two tasks, Woobat will transform into Swoobat. Additionally, Swoobat is of the Flying and Psychic type, and its maximum CP in the wild is 1,471, while with a weather boost it can reach 1,594. It has a maximum CP of 1,716 when it is level 40.

Catch a Woobat

  • After achieving Research Breakthrough, you will be eligible to get the Woobat as a prize.
  • Players of Pokemon GO have the opportunity to capture Woobat out in the wild. Woobat is a type of Pokemon.
  • It’s also possible for woobats to hatch out of eggs and become young.
  • In addition to that, Woobats can be found wandering about the dungeons of Raids.

How to Evolve Woobat in Pokemon Go

Statistics for Pokemon GO’s Woobat

The Woobat Pokemon can only evolve into one different form, known as Swoobat, and this is the only option available. It is a Flying type with Psychic abilities. The bulk of Psychic Pokemon, including Woobat, have a disadvantage when going up against Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Darkness. On the other hand, Woobat has an advantage when going up against Grass, other Psychics, Fighting, and the Ground type. The most effective moveset for Woobat combines the 15 damage that is dealt by Confusion with the 30 damage that is dealt by Psyshock (28 DPS). The region of Unova is home to a Pokémon known as Woobat.

In Pokemon GO, the greatest amount of Combat Power (CP) that a Woobat can have can be raised to 1,016 at level 40, while the maximum amount of CP that it can have in the wild can be raised to 871 at level 30. If the conditions are right, it is possible to capture a wild Woobat at level 35 with a maximum Catch Percentage of 944. This is only feasible if the weather is in your favour.


Why can’t I evolve my Woobat?

Many people have reported having difficulties as a result of a bug when attempting to transform a Woobat into a Swoobat. This occurs when the Woobat’s type is changed. Because of the problem, the conversion cannot take place even if both of the conditions that must be met before it can take place have been met.

Which Pokemon do you need to level up in order to evolve?

There are six different Pokémon that must go for a walk in order for their evolution to take place.

The Pokémon Eevee, Feebas, Woobat, Mime Jr., Bonsly, and Happiny are the ones who have to move around on their own in order to evolve into a more evolved version of themselves.