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How to Drop Weapons and Items for Other Players in Elden Ring


Elden Ring is a huge role-playing video game with an open world that may be experienced either on your own or with a group of pals. You can drop items in the Elden Ring by selecting the item you want to drop from your inventory after travelling to that section of the game’s menu. Remember that not all goods can be discarded in this manner.

Rune Arcs, upgrade materials, and other essential artefacts cannot be lost under any circumstance. In addition, you are unable to let go of your sorcery or incantations. When dropping goods, you should exercise extra caution because you could accidently get rid of them. This guide will walk you through the process of dropping weapons and items in Elden Ring so that other players can pick them up.

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How to Drop Weapons and Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

1. You can press the ESC key on your keyboard to pause the action of the game while you are chatting with a friend while you are playing the game online.

2. Choose it if you want to look at the inventory.

3. Make a selection of the weapon (or other item) that you intend to pass on to them.

How to Drop Weapons and Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

4. After that, choose the LEAVE option from the menu to drop the object or weapon you were holding down onto the ground.

How to Drop Weapons and Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

5. It is essential to bear in mind that selecting “Discard selected” will result in the deletion of the things that have already been picked if you make that choice. It will cause the item that you possess to be destroyed, and there is absolutely no chance that you will be able to get it back.

How to Drop Weapons and Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

6. Following your selection of Leave from the drop-down menu, a confirmation pop-up will appear; select Yes from this window.

7. To use the weapon, your friend need merely pick it up from where it is lying on the ground and then equip it to their character for it to function. Easy breezy.

In order for things to proceed smoothly, there are a few requirements that need to be satisfied first; further discussion on this subject may be found further down in this paragraph.

Condition 1:

Make sure the weapon’s level is equal to or lower than theirs, whichever is appropriate. If you try to trade a weapon that is of a greater level than the highest level weapon that your friend currently possesses, you will not be allowed to proceed with the transaction. The players are required to work toward upgrading their weapons rather than simply obtaining them from a friend who has already accumulated a collection of them. The other player will be able to see the drop if it satisfies the prerequisites. In such case, you won’t be able to see it.

Condition 2:

You are only allowed to place a maximum of eight things on the ground at once. When you drop the ninth item, the previously dropped item will vanish and be replaced with the ninth item. You should be aware of the fact that there are situations when you might not get a notification about this. Therefore, in order to exchange stuff or weapons in Elden Ring, count them and drop them. In return, your friend may send you some additional equipment, provided that it complies with the requirements, restrictions, and guidelines imposed by the game’s developers.

What Items Can Be Traded In Elden Ring?

The majority of items in Elden Ring, including weapons, armor, consumable runes, ashes of war, talismans, consumables, and crafting materials, can be dropped for other players to pick up and use. This includes crafting materials. Larval Tears, Remembrances, Flasks, Great Runes, Golden Seeds, Upgrade Materials, Sorcery, Incantations, and Quest Items are the only items that cannot be traded.

You are also not allowed to trade weapons with a higher level than the highest level weapon that the other players have, unless the other player already has a weapon with a level that is equal to or higher than the level weapon that you are dropping. If you drop a weapon with a level of +8 for another player, that player will only be able to pick it up if the level of his highest existing weapon is equal to or greater than +8.