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How to Expand the Map in Elden Ring


The player in Elden Ring is free to make use of the map feature whenever they are not currently involved in a fight of some kind. You may quickly access it by pressing the View or Select button on the controller for the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X/S, the Touchpad button on the controller for the PlayStation 4/5, or the G key on the keyboard. This feature is available to you. Despite the fact that it appears to be devoid of content at first look, you are able to add more information to the map. This is a guide for enlarging the map in Elden Ring, which can be found below. So let’s get started:

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How to Expand the Map in Elden Ring

Waypoints and Markers are two types of useful markers that can be placed on the map in Elden Ring to assist players in keeping track of specific NPCs, bosses, and goods. Players have the option to place these icons on the map. Discovering new region maps throughout the game allows for expansion and filling in of existing spaces on the map. You will locate the earliest map if you look to the northeast of the grace location for The First Step.

How to Expand the Map in Elden Ring

The location is known as the Gatefront Ruins, and the encampment within it has a large number of foes as well as valuables. The map may be found directly beneath a stone pillar that contains some text; once you get it, you will be able to complete the western portion of Limgrave. There are various map pieces that players can locate, and it is easy to miss this mechanic; therefore, it is vital to keep an eye out for pillars like these to fill up the full map and complete it.

How to Expand the Map in Elden Ring


Why is my Elden Ring map not detailed?

If you’re wondering why the map of the Elden Ring in the game is blank and greyed out, it’s probably because you haven’t yet found the necessary map fragment. If you haven’t yet found the map fragment, you won’t be able to complete the map.

Is Elden Ring map Small?

It is larger than the maps of some older open-world games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto 5, but it is smaller than the maps of lots of other open-world games. The size of the map is 30.5 square miles, which is 79 square kilometres. The fact that Elden Ring is so jam-packed with content gives it an advantage over a good number of those other games.

Is Elden rings map the biggest ever?

It is only appropriate that the map of Cyberpunk 2077 be approximately 25 percent larger in terms of square miles than that of Elden Ring. The playable area of Cyberpunk 2077 easily surpasses that of the Lands Between when you take into account the vast desert that is located all around the enormous city.

Is Elden Ring the biggest game ever?

You can read the story in its entirety by clicking the link below. It is not a mystery that Elden Ring has been the most popular game of 2022 up to this point. When it was first released in February, not only was it praised by fans as well as critics, but it also sold at a rate that was significantly more than anyone could have anticipated at the time.

Is Skyrim or Elden Ring bigger?

In the meantime, though, a member on Reddit by the name of Lusty-Batch has calculated that Elden Ring spans an enormous 79 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 30.5 square miles, making it more than twice as large as Skyrim. The standard edition of Skyrim features 343 fast-travel places, but the Elden Ring expansion only has 300.