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How to Respec Your Stats in Elden Ring


Elden Ring gives you the ability to respec your statistics, but it resets you to the standard that was established by your beginning class. In practice, respeccing is an almost pointlessly difficult process that demands victory over a number of different bosses. If you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time grinding, your options are very restricted per game. Keeping all of that in mind, the following is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to change your class in Elden Ring.

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How to Respec Your Stats in Elden Ring

After defeating Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon, at the Raya Lucaria Academy, you will be granted the chance to change your specialization in the Elden Ring. After that, you’ll be able to chat to her whenever you want, and you’ll also be able to open the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace, which will make it easier for you to return to the location.

After respecing has been unlocked, you will require an important artefact known as a Larval Tear.

How to Respec Your Stats in Elden Ring

Whether you talk to Renalla while carrying a Larval Tear, she will ask you if you wish to be reborn if you have one in your inventory. Say that you are willing to open up a new menu and spend the Tear in order to do so. The Rebirth ability allows you to change your character’s specialization, while the Cosmetics ability allows you to change how they look.

How to Respec Your Stats in Elden Ring

In Liurnia of the Lakes, the most likely location for you to discover your very first Larval Tear is in the Village of the Aubernarics. After reaching the farthest southern point of the lake, continue to go to the west until you reach a toxic swamp. Keep to the left to find a route that is surrounded by crucifixes and leads up to a mysterious settlement.

Take the Site of Grace, avoid the enemy that is throwing fireballs, and continue moving forward until you see a graveyard off to your left. There is just one shiny item that can be seen near one of the coffins, and that is the Larval Tear.

How to Respec Your Stats in Elden Ring

There are some foes spread over Elden Ring that are sure to drop Larval Tears, particularly in the Eternal Cities of Nokron and Nokstella. These opponents can be found in both of those locations. These optional zones contain at least two Larval Tears, which can be acquired by killing imitation boulders or searching for them on dead bodies.

The only way to access Nokron is to first defeat General Radahn, which will cause a hole to appear in Limgrave, which is located just south of the Mistwood. Ranni the Witch’s questline must be advanced to a certain point before a portal leading to Nokstella will open in her tower. Only then will it be possible to travel there.

It is possible to farm Larval Tears since Mimic Tears, the blob-like opponents that can be found throughout Nokron and Nokstella, occasionally drop them when they are killed. On the other hand, this occurrence is quite rare. To improve your item discovery, either make use of a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot or level up your Arcane stat. Both of these will have the same effect.

A little bit of metagaming is the most effective technique to change your class in Elden Ring. Once you have found a couple of the Larval Tears that are easier to find, you should back up your save game, change your class, and then upload the save game from before you spent the Tear. You may avoid the hassle of having to look for fresh Tears indefinitely this way, and there is no further expense to you other than the few seconds it takes. About as much as there is to know about how to respec in Elden Ring can be summed up in just two sentences.

Where to respec in Elden Ring?

In Liurnia of the Lakes, at the conclusion of Raya Lucaria Academy, there is a boss arena that contains Rennala. After you have defeated her, she will allow you to respec in this arena.

After you have defeated her, you will unlock access to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, which is the site of grace you must visit in order to respec your character. You should come here to talk to her and show your respect.