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How to Farm BP in PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, much like games like Overwatch, receives free content updates that are made available to all players, while cosmetic loot boxes sponsor the continuous development of the game. Loot boxes, also known as “crates” in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, can be purchased through the in-game store using Battle Points (BP), which players gain by actively participating in the game. In PUBG, the amount of Battle Points (BP) that players earn after a match is determined by three factors: the amount of damage that was inflicted on other players, the length of time that players lasted in the fight, and the number of kills that they achieved. This guide will explain to you how to quickly farm BP in PUBG by providing the following information:

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How to Farm BP in PUBG


The amount of Battle Points you get in PUBG is directly proportional to how well you play the game itself. The following are the requirements to obtain BP:

  • Kills – How many players you’ve killed?
  • Rank – How long you survived in a match.
  • Hits – How much damage you inflicted to other players?

Additionally, the number of Battle Points (BP) you get will vary based on the game mode you choose. A win in any of the following game types will award you the following amounts of Battle Points:

How to Farm BP in PUBG

  • Solo – 800 BP.
  • Duo – 400 BP.
  • Squad – 200 BP.
  • 1 Man Squad –1580 BP.
  • 2 Man Squad – 790 BP.
  • 3 Man Squad – 540 BP. (Changes a bit)

Winning matches is the best way to rack up Battle Points (BP), but given that there are currently 99 other players competing for the top slot, it’s not reasonable to expect to come out on top every time. Those interested in farming for BP should pay more attention to the number of kills and damage they do than how long they can stay alive. The most desirable outcome for players is for them to eliminate a large number of adversary players while also making it through to the later stages of the game; nevertheless, this outcome will not always be attainable.

Farming BP:

If you want to gain BP quickly, your best strategy is to go for kills rather than try to stay alive for as long as possible. This will allow you to earn BP more quickly. Hiding out can earn you a respectable amount of BP per match, but it can take a long time. Maintaining a consistent presence in highly contested zones and engaging in combat with other players will not only save you time but will also result in increased financial gain in the vast majority of cases.

Players going for kills should drop into sections of the map that have a lot of other players. Even though players are free to land anywhere on the map after jumping out of the plane, the places given names are more likely to have other players and are also more likely to contain the best prize in each game. Players should make a mental note of the most crucial areas they will fly through at the beginning of the game and remember that the plane is direction is also significant because the regions it will fly over will change depending on the scenario.

How to Farm BP in PUBG

You should aim to land in populated cities or regions where many players are likely to congregate, such as the School or the Hacienda Del Patron. If, after eliminating several players, you find that you are still in the game, you should try to stay in the game for as long as you can and aim to place in the top 25 to earn even more BP. In that case, you need go back to the matchmaker and start the process all over again!


What is the best way to use BP in PUBG Mobile?

Buying an RP card from the store is the most productive way to spend it, so do that if you can. If we purchase RP point cards, we will be able to utilize those cards to complete our RP tasks and earn a wide variety of prizes. There is only one restriction, and that is the fact that we can only purchase five RP cards each week for 25,000 BP. The mobile version of PUBG.

What is the work of BP in PUBG?

Silver coins, which can be used to redeem crate coupon scraps once they have been purchased with BP in PUBGM, can be purchased using those BP. Although it is a time-consuming process because you can only buy 25 silver coins every day (each coin is worth 5000 BP), it is the most effective way to spend your BP.

Does PUBG increase BP?

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Can you send BP in PUBG?

You are permitted to send Battle Point coins to five of your PUBG friends once per twenty-four hours. You are not required to send these Battle Point coins to the same people on a daily basis; rather, you are free to send them to anybody you like.