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How To Shoot While Driving In PubG on Your PC


In PUBG, there are not many things that are more satisfying than a drive-by shooting. The only other things that come close are clean headshots and amusing exploding kills. The ability to fire one’s weapon while operating a vehicle was implemented into the game in the year 2020. This gave players the ability to defend themselves against hostile fire while operating a vehicle. Previously, the only people who could return fire from within a moving vehicle were the passengers in that car. You will learn how to shoot while driving in PubG on your personal computer by reading this tutorial. So let’s get started:

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How To Shoot While Driving In PubG on Your PC

If you like to play video games on a traditional personal computer with a mouse and keyboard, you should read the content in this section.

1. Make sure you carry a handgun or another form of sidearm along with some ammunition before you get into your vehicle. You could be in danger.

How To Shoot While Driving In PubG on Your PC

2. Turn it on, and then continue your hunt for those who are trying to take you down.

3. You can aim down the sights at an incoming foe by right-clicking the mouse, which will bring up the context menu.

How To Shoot While Driving In PubG on Your PC

4. To fire, you should utilise the left button on your mouse.

5. After you have completed everything, you can exit ADS mode by clicking the right mouse button once more.

6. Continue driving and, if necessary, repeat the steps that were just covered in the previous section.

You will need to exit ADS mode before you can make a rapid departure because you won’t be able to boost while you’re shooting. This will make it more difficult for you to flee the region as rapidly as you possibly can.


Does PUBG auto shoot?

This article provides a rundown of all of the many shooting modes available in the game, along with a basic explanation of how each one operates. Single: each shot fires a single round. “Single” The Burst fire mode uses all three rounds for each shot. In auto mode, the weapon will continue to fire shots until the trigger is released.

Which gun kills fast in PUBG?

AWM. There is no question that the AWM is far and away the greatest, and without a doubt the best gun there is in the game. However, all of the air drop weapons are incredible options, and you should without a doubt run them if you ever get the chance. If you hit someone in the head with the AWM, even if they are wearing a level three helmet, you will instantly kill them with a single shot.

How do you pedal faster in PUBG?

Sprinting. You can sprint on the Mountain Bike just like you can in real life by putting in some physical effort and mashing the A (Xbox & Stadia) or X (Playstation) button repeatedly to cycle faster. This is similar to how you would sprint in real life.

Which gun has lowest recoil in PUBG?

The AUG A3 is a submachine gun that has earned a reputation for having “no recoil.” The pistol has an incredibly mild recoil, making it simple for even inexperienced players to maintain control of it during the match.

Which gun reload fast in PUBG?

However, disregard that. The fact that the M416 has the quickest reload speed of any assault rifle in PUBG is the real reason for its popularity in the game.